Kitchens For Girls

There’s a school of thought that says the kitchen is a room dominated by men in 2013.Hogwash.

There’s a school of thought that says the kitchen is a room dominated by men in 2013.


While the traditional role of man as breadwinner and woman as home-maker have quite rightly changed over the decades, whoever says that the kitchen is a man-castle couldn’t be more wrong.

Even the ranks of celebrity kitchen-meisters is swollen by new ranks of top-notch female chefs these days thanks to cuisinistas like Mary Berry, Nigella Lawson and Lorraine Pascale.

As a result our kitchens style is also changing. No longer are we forced to cook and create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen equivalent of Oxford Circus. There’s so much out there now to give your work surfaces a bit of feminine glam.

The key to achieving the girly glam look in your kitchen is a mix of textures, finishes and vintage pieces juxtaposed against a modern framework.

Antique mirrors and open style shelves allowed which allow gorgeously girly collections of crockery and kitchen objet d’arts to be showcased, can make the kitchen an extension of the glamorous girliness elsewhere in your home.

There’s no need to do this…

…in order to illustrate your feminimity.

There’s some beautiful style ideas out there to draw inspiration from.

Look at this, for example…

It is girly and glamorous but still gorgeous.

And this...

It has cool, contemporary lines and looks feminine in a not-so-obvious fashion.

You don’t even have to go pink to craft that gorgeously girly, glamorous look.

We’ve come a long way from frosted black glass and chrome in the early 21st Century male kitchen.

Now’s the time to take advantage, girls.

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