A little taster…

A sample of what’s to come

So, you’ve received your Magnet samples and now you’re looking for a little more inspiration? Look no further.

To give you a better idea of what a little consideration can achieve, we’ve collated some helpful advice and tantalising tips on conceptualising, styling and perfecting your kitchen design.

Creating a mood board

ou can create your own kitchen mood board using the samples you've received and below we've suggested some basic guidelines to help you make those all-important decisions on kitchen door styles, colours, accessories and styling.

Step 1. Start by carefully laying your samples out on a flat surface and arrange your cabinet, worktop and handle samples together neatly, so all elements are in view.

Step 2. Consider any decorative objects, foliage or kitchen utensils that you already have around the house that could represent a certain look or trend – and then add these to your mood board.

Step 3. Draw inspiration from other sources, using sites like Pinterest and interior design magazines. This will help you identify trends that suit your taste and discover styling ideas to compliment these.

Step 4. Take pictures to document different versions of your mood board. By swapping out various accessories and objects, you’ll begin to pinpoint the look you love the most.

Measuring up

Getting the practical details right is essential to crafting your dream kitchen. Take a look at our easy-to-follow guide on measuring your kitchen space so that your designer can perfect your 3D design and you’ll get an accurate visual of your new kitchen.

View measuring guide

Next steps…

If you’re happy with the samples you’ve chosen and you’re ready for us to either create a design or place your order, simply get in touch with your dedicated designer and they’ll guide you through the rest of your journey. Alternatively, if you’d like to see a few more samples to compare, your designer can arrange for these to be delivered directly to your door.

Contact your designer

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