Kitchen colours: how to create a heritage kitchen aesthetic

Discover how to create a luxury, classic kitchen aesthetic with our stunning new heritage Create Colours collection.

A traditional style kitchen is perfect for those looking for something timeless and elegant.

Classy and characterful, a heritage kitchen is a versatile choice that can work in both older and more modern homes. There is no ‘one way’ to create a traditional style kitchen, meaning you’re certain to find a classic kitchen style that suits you.

However, colour does make all the difference to a room, and it can be difficult to know where to start to achieve the kitchen aesthetic that you desire.

To help you discover your ideal colour scheme, we’ve put together this simple guide of kitchen paint colours and combinations that will give you that traditional, heritage feel. Read on to discover how our Create Colours collection will help you to design your dream kitchen.

Regal reds

If you’re looking for something rich and bold that feels luxurious and classic, opt for a red kitchen colour scheme. Our Burlington Red is a great example of a shade that is not too overpowering, and can be combined with neutrals for a more toned-down feel.

Rustic red cabinets and white kitchen walls paired with wooden furnishings makes for a great combination to achieve a country-home vibe.

Make sure to consider your kitchen lighting options, as this will tie everything together to achieve a harmonious look. For example, a warmer toned red would work well with warm, yellow pendant lighting to perfect that cosy, comforting atmosphere.

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Blue hues

From cooking to socialising and hosting, kitchens see a lot of action. To bring calm and a tranquil air to your space, a blue hue is the way to go.

An easy way to add interest to your kitchen without being overpowering, blues can make for a stunning stand-alone accent against neutrals, but also can create a statement against pops of contrasting colours such as terracotta’s or rose pinks.

Blue has shown to have a relaxing effect – and is said to even help lower blood pressure. Matched with traditional fittings and white worktops, blue kitchen cabinets will create a soothing touch.

One of the bonuses of blue is that it’s so versatile. Balance out cool blue tones with warming copper features and touches of wood to create a traditional, sophisticated feel. Our Morris Blue shade from the Create Colours collection is the perfect option for those looking to create a heritage aesthetic.

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Simple neutrals

You really can’t go wrong with a true, staple neutral. Timeless and versatile, a neutral kitchen can be both modern and classic simultaneously.

Whether it’s pebbles, cashmeres, or tans – muted neutrals offer both style and comfort. Paired with plenty of houseplants and stone tile or stone effect flooring for a traditional countryside look – you can’t get more elegant and rustic than this.

Choose ceramic kitchenware for an earthy touch, and brass accents for a farmhouse kitchen with a modern twist.

A great benefit of a neutral kitchen is that it will work well with added accents of pretty much any colour – especially pastels – to create a subtly layered look.

Dual toning & accents

Can’t decide on one colour for your heritage kitchen? Not to worry. Having a dual-toned colour scheme is ideal for those who want to add depth and interest to their space.

Usually combining a lighter shade on the wall cabinets and a darker colour on the base units, having a dual-toned kitchen is a great way to create a bespoke, traditional kitchen that is both chic and stylish.

For example, combining a rich heritage shade with a neutral pebble, white or cream is a great way to create a classic, yet unique, design. Whether you want to use dual tones to give the illusion of a larger space, to make a bold statement or to highlight a particular area of your kitchen – it’s up to you.

Use an accent range such as Nordic Nature Vitrine Wave or Nova Modella Marble to add additional pattern and texture, so you can be experimental without your space feeling overpowering.

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Hopefully our kitchen colour scheme ideas have helped inspire you to create your very own traditional heritage kitchen.

If you feel you need further ideas and inspiration, speak to one of our friendly Magnet designers at a free, no-obligation Design Consultation.

Take a look at our heritage Create Colours to help you choose what shades work best for your space.