A modern take on the pastels trend

Forget everything you know about pastel interiors. Here’s the latest take on this popular trend – and it’s here to stay.

Ludlow kitchen. Our latest Shaker door, with a modern country-style. Available in all 20 Magnet Create colours.

There’s no denying that pastel interiors have become a popular trend over recent years and show no signs of abating.

Once just a mainstay of children’s bedrooms, pastels are now increasingly being used to shape soothing and tranquil interiors and when brought through into your kitchen, you can be sure they will create a space where joy blooms.

From Seagrass to Sky, Rose Bowl, Lilac Blossom, Washed Cotton and Pilot Blue, our pastel kitchens are playful while oozing elegance and sophistication.

We understand the importance of colour and how it can make you feel, so we’re here to show you how to take these comforting colours and create an elevated aesthetic in the heart of your home.

Keep reading for a selection of beautiful pastel kitchen ideas from our experts.

Soho from Magnet. Bold slab doors style this premium contemporary kitchen design available in 20 colours.
Integra Soho by Magnet. Ultra-contemporary design with sleek handless doors and available in 20 different colours.

Juxtapose different styles

One way to use pastels to create a comforting and cosy atmosphere is to mix them with other styles to enhance the overall look. Don’t be afraid to mix pastel interiors with refined, natural furniture and accessories for an eclectic finish.

If you choose pastel-coloured kitchen cabinets (like our Integra Soho cabinets in Rose Bowl), add balance with a natural marble table-top, as well as wooden kitchen accessories like Oak Cutlery Inserts.

In larger kitchen-diners, you could incorporate antique wooden furniture like a side table and wooden panelling, or modern, minimalist pieces like a low glass coffee table to contrast against the lighter pastel tones.

Rich cherry wood looks gorgeous with peachy pastel colours, whereas mahogany and other deep brown woods pair especially well with light yellows and blues.

This way, pastel hues can add charm and colour to your kitchen design without being too sickly or overbearing.

Combine with soft neutrals

Often when people decide to use a pastel palette in their kitchen interiors, they feel that they are beholden to those colours and those colours only. But, this thinking can result in your interiors looking flashy and unrefined.

The secret is to pair pastels with neutral shades to make your interiors look more natural and give them an earthy quality.

For this reason, soft pastel colours are often combined with Scandinavian-style interiors to bring subtle warmth and colour to minimalist spaces.

Choose muted colours like soft browns, greys, creams and taupes for the walls, worktops and flooring to tone down pastels and ensure that the overall look is calming and considered.

Incorporating neutrals into your interior design also enables your pastel accents to take centre stage and be the focal point of the room. Not only this, but pastel shades go far beyond sorbet-hued blush pink, baby blue and lilac.

You can use a colour tint graph to discover a whole new world of muted, masculine pastel tones; these are a great option if you want to gently dip your toe into pastel-coloured kitchen design.

Nova by Magnet. Affordable slab door kitchen available in matt and super glass. 6 colours to chose from.

Elevate with darker accessories

To further accentuate pastel elements in your kitchen, create a contrast by using dark-coloured accessories for a cool, contemporary finish.

Kitchen tools, appliances and soft furnishings in colours like navy, dark grey, forest green and even black command attention and draw your eye to certain parts of the room.

Use elements like our Samsung Freestanding American Fridge Freezer in black as accents with your other dominant pastel colours for a soothing yet fresh ambiance.

You could also try introducing metals, like gold and brass, to add another dimension to your space. It’s all about layering colours to add depth to your interiors and create a whole new mood that is softer and mature.

Keep it simple

Ultimately, one of the reasons we are drawn to pastels is because they can help us create relaxing and soothing spaces that make us feel good.

Fun as pastel colours are, cramming your interiors full of contrasting colours can look chaotic and muddled.

We suggest incorporating a few key pastel elements into your design, such as our Nova Seagrass kitchen cabinets, a Pebble Grey Metro Tile Backboard and a rug. Then, focus on a handful of contrasting pieces, like accessories in darker colours or different textures.

By restricting colours to a limited palette and applying them in lighter and darker tones, you can strike the perfect balance between playful and ambient interiors.

Give each piece space to breathe in the room and don’t overcomplicate your design; when it comes to creating modern pastel kitchens, less is often more.

Soho from Magnet. Bold slab doors style this premium contemporary kitchen design available in 20 colours.

We hope this blog has given you some fresh pastel kitchen ideas that ooze sophistication and invite joy into your kitchen. For more information on how to use pastels, take a look at our guide to pastels. A Magnet kitchen is better, by design because we first take a moment to consider a task before we begin the task. Discuss your style ideas and needs with one of our friendly kitchen experts, at a free, no-obligation design consultation.

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