Trending kitchen colours & how they'll make you feel

In the ever-evolving world of home interiors, we’re seeing a positive shift towards mindful décor and more and more of us are becoming increasingly conscious of the effects that colour, in particular, has on our mood and wellbeing.

So, how do this year’s standout colour trends measure up when it comes to being mindful in the home?

Integra Soho by Magnet. Ultra contemporary design with sleek handless doors and available in 20 different colours.

Spending more time indoors has meant that many of us are opting to spruce-up our kitchens in the hopes of turning them into efficient, multifunctional spaces where the whole family can work, rest, play and eat.

And this year, more than ever, we’ve come to recognise that our homes are our sanctuaries and an increasing number of us are now focusing on creating interior spaces where we feel at our happiest and most content.

To help you create your perfect space, we've worked with our trend experts here at Magnet to take this year’s hottest interior colour trends and bringing into play the psychology of colour, explore how each of them could influence our mood and wellbeing.

Tatton Kitchen by Magnet. A beautiful easy to use kitchen with traditional features with stylish modern touches.

New neutrals


What are they?

Think pebbles, cashmeres, tans and taupes. New neutrals encompass varying shades of beige that offer both versatility and understated style.

The feelings they invoke…

A true new staple that’ll last the test of time, new neutrals allow us to feel calm and serene in our kitchens, helping them to become a comforting space that we want to spend more and more of our time in.

Pair them with…

New neutrals pair flawlessly with light, natural elements and plenty of greenery for an on-trend boho look. Or style them with darker metallic accents and clean, white worktops for a more industrial aesthetic.

Earthy reds


What are they?

From deep terracottas to warm pink hues – and not to be confused with ruby shades, earthy reds can embody Mediterranean vibes or more contemporary feels to create a glowing space, brimming with character.

The feelings they invoke…

Earthy reds are associated with warmth and they can provide a feeling of stability in the kitchen – balancing it out against more clinical-feeling storage and appliances. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, an earthy red is the standout colour choice.

Pair them with…

Dress your earthy red kitchen up by coupling it with marble worktops and glossy tiled flooring or go more rustic with rugged wood elements and distinguished natural accessories.

Dunham kitchen by Magnet. Smooth matt finish traditional or modern style available in over 20 colours.
Soho from Magnet. Bold slab doors style this premium contemporary kitchen design available in 20 colours.

Go-to greens


What are they?

With a range of shades from subtle pastels and bolder hues, greens trending this year range from lighter mint hues to mid-shade olives and darker forest tones - and they're rivalling grey as this year’s go-to interior colour choice.

The feelings they invoke…

Bringing us back to nature, greens activate feelings of health and happiness in the kitchen - a winning combination that crafts a naturally harmonious space and brings us balance.

Pair them with…

Brushed or gleaming metallics will couple perfectly with shades of green, as well as wood flooring and natural materials. Or play with a more boho look by opting for patterned tiling and solid oak worktops.


Organic blues


What are they?

Moving away from louder cobalts and moving towards sky blues, marine hues and more muted tones, organic blues tie in with those earthy reds and greens to really bring the outdoors in.

The feelings they invoke…

Blues often bring to the surface feelings of stability and serenity, making our kitchens feel like tranquil havens and helping us feel relaxed as we play out our daily routines.

Pair them with…

Organic blues pair beautifully with refined natural accents which neutralise those more colourful tones to create a contemporary country look. Or introduce whites and metallics to acheive a modern luxe aesthetic.

Ethereal greys


What are they?

Rather than the slate and graphite greys of recent trends, we’re now seeing a move towards increasingly softer grey shades, more muted and lighter in tone.

The feelings they invoke…

Used in darker spaces, ethereal greys can bring a lightness and calm to the kitchen. They’ve also been said to have a cloaking effect, making us feel safe and secure in our own personal sanctuaries.

Pair them with…

The beauty of these softer grey shades lies in their versatility. Blend light grey cabinets with pops of brighter colour or opt for white worktops and metallic accents for a choice of stunning, modern looks.

Want to see our kitchen colours in action?

Take a look at our Magnet Create range to discover twenty carefully curated colours and use our online tool to experiment with each shade in our Shaker, Modern and Handleless kitchens.

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