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The rise of pink kitchens

Pink is one of the hottest kitchen trends of 2022 and shows no sign of waning anytime soon. Discover how the secret to pink’s success is its versatile character.

Integra Soho by Magnet. Ultra-contemporary design with sleek handless doors and available in 20 different colours.

Pink creates a warm, fun and cheerful feel. The pink palette is surprisingly varied: ranging from bold fuchsia to delicate carnation. The hue you choose will shape the mood of your space.

Explore our tips on how to style your pink kitchen – whether you want to totally embrace pink or introduce playful pink accents into your kitchen. Pink allows you to create a unique space that is mature yet fun and inviting.

Soho from Magnet. Bold slab doors style this premium contemporary kitchen design available in 20 colours.

The benefits of thinking pink

Not only is pink versatile from a design perspective, but it has proven wellbeing benefits. Several studies have suggested that pink has a calming effect. This is especially true of paler pinks with more white than red.

The colour pink is associated with many things, including love and romance, femininity, joy, creativity and optimism. These associations can vary depending on the shade. Pinks with more red evoke strong, passionate emotions, while pastel pinks with more white inspire softer feelings.

While pink has a rich symbolism, it is also a sign of hope in colour psychology. It is seen as a positive colour that inspires warm and comforting feelings. Pink relieves negative emotions such as anger, aggression and resentment.

That’s why spending a bit of ‘me time’ in your Rose Bowl kitchen will induce a calming effect, helping to reduce the stresses of everyday life.

Drench your kitchen in pink

Colour drenching is an interior design trend whose popularity shows no sign of slowing. The idea is to choose one colour and spread different tones and shades of that colour over as many surfaces as possible.

If you want to showcase your love of pink, select a bold, bright shade to ‘drench’ your cabinetry and walls with.

You can prevent this from feeling too overwhelming by breaking up your colour scheme with more neutral accessories. Selecting a splashback or worktop in a neutral colour will add visual interest and prevent your kitchen’s pink colour scheme from feeling too monochromatic.

White marble worktops paired with pink units will bring a luxe feel to your space, while the marble’s veining can act as a focal point in your pink kitchen’s design.

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Team pink with wood tones

Wood tones work wonderfully with pink. Warm wooden (or wood-effect) flooring is enjoying a rise in popularity and it’s easy to see why. It can add a touch of organic warmth to your kitchen, and works especially well with a pale or dusky pink.

A herringbone wooden floor is a great way to add an art deco touch to a modern pink kitchen.

Opt for a pink island

If you’re not quite ready to go all-out and paint your cabinets or walls pink, then painting your kitchen island pink is a great way to tap into the trend and introduce a splash of joy into your space.

A light or dusty pink like Lilac Blossom for your island can almost act as a neutral, which, when teamed with neutral cabinetry, creates a sense of serenity.

Adding pink accessories of a similar hue, such as a kettle, cake tin or crockery to your surfaces can tie the look together.

Integra Soho by Magnet. Ultra-contemporary design with sleek handless doors and available in 20 different colours.

Use dual toning

Teaming bright pink with another colour throughout your space will help your pink kitchen maintain a more grown-up feel. Blue, green and grey are all foolproof choices.

If you love candy pink but are concerned that it might make your space feel less sophisticated, then balance with a dark blue. Painting a some of your cabinets Voyage Blue and others rose pink creates a stately, sophisticated feel, while still adding a touch of drama to your space. Maybe use one colour for your overhead cabinets and the other for your workspace units.

Grey is another colour that can stop a bold pink kitchen feeling too sicky sweet. Grey and pink work particularly well together as many shades of grey have a pink base. This is particularly true of warm greys, making them the ideal partner for pink.

Add warmth with metallic accents

Pink kitchens work especially well with bronze and brass, which can add plenty of warmth to a space without feeling overwhelming.

Soft blush pink walls teamed with white units and brass hardware creates a space that is not only warm and inviting, but ultra-modern too.

Gold or brass handles on rose or dark pink cabinets add a sleek, sophisticated touch to any contemporary kitchen.

Ludlow kitchen. Our latest Shaker door, with a modern country-style. Available in all 20 Magnet Create colours.
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Use pink to break up a monochrome scheme

Pink is a great way to stop a monochrome kitchen feeling too dull or austere. A pink feature wall in a black and white kitchen adds a touch of feminine charm, while making your kitchen instantly feel more modern.

Opting for fuchsia or hot pink bar stools for your kitchen island is a great way to introduce a powerful pop of pink into your space. This is especially effective if your island is where you entertain guests – allowing it to take centre stage in your kitchen’s design.

We hope these tips have inspired you to get playful with pink. Whether you want to create a vintage, shaker style kitchen or soften a minimalist design, pink will imbue any space with joy and warmth. For more information on how to bring joy into your kitchen, take a look at our guide on how to refresh your kitchen this spring. Discuss your style ideas and needs with one of our friendly kitchen experts, at a free, no-obligation design consultation.