Maximise on Kitchen Storage

How to increase storage in any size kitchen

Table Plus

Everyone would like more space in their kitchen, but making the best use of the space you have is one way to ensure that your kitchen works for you, whatever the size.

It may not always be possible to build a bigger kitchen, but by focusing on some of the design aspects you don’t see, you can maximise on every centimetre of your storage space.

A key aspect of space is organisation. An organised kitchen adds aesthetics and naturally gives the impression of a larger space. Clear out and organise your pantry into a pull-out larder with smooth-close door for a sleek, subtle, yet great storage space.

Using new technology, Magnet Smart Space collections allow you to discover space in your kitchen that you didn’t know existed. A simple plinth drawer underneath ovens or appliances adds a neat, floor level storage option.

Magnet’s Table Plus instantly creates a new area for dining, drinking or relaxing, making your kitchen a multi functional living space. Transforming with ease from a handy storage cabinet, the innovative table design adds both valuable storage and dining space to your kitchen.

Take a look at the innovative Table Plus in action in use here: