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Kitchen colour ideas

Inject a new lease of life into the hub of your home with these transeasonal colour ideas for the kitchen.

Striking monochromatic designs and paired-back neutrals aren’t for everyone - and the hub of your home actually offers endless colour opportunities to play around with.

Strategically implementing colour on splashbacks, appliances, walls and cabinetry can sprinkle an abundance of ambiance throughout your kitchen space. Read on to find out how to implement colour in the kitchen.

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Blue kitchen ideas

Oceanic, calming, and serene, blue kitchen ideas are a fail-safe colour pairing, ideal for both traditional and contemporary kitchen spaces.

Inject a new-found modern feel to your traditional galley space with a matt Midnight colour palette. Position this nautical colourway on the cabinetry and kitchen islands within your space.

Team with brass handles and faucets, rich oak flooring, and white marble countertops for a seamless blend of both contemporary and country.

Blue and pink combinations are ideal for counter-balancing each other - pink helps to soften the cool tones within a navy colour palette, and the navy helps to add depth to the entire rooms scheme.

So if you’re looking to add a lick of paint to the walls of your kitchen space, consider a light pink hue.  

Allude to a light, airy and spacious kitchen area with a light blue colourway. A muted palette such as Morris Blue or Sky Blue, have light reflecting attributes which helps to make your kitchen space look and feel bigger.

Contrast light blue cabinetry with Dove Grey cabinetry for a subtle yet effective two-tone design. Pairing with light oak herringbone flooring helps to incorporate warmth into your kitchen space, and marble splashbacks and worktops help to add contrast.

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not opt for a pop of colour with soft yellow small domestic appliances or furnishings?

Green kitchen ideas

Design the hub of your home to be symbolic of nature, growth and renewal, and bring the natural world indoors with our lush and leafy green kitchen ideas.

Adding a dash of green onto the cabinetry, walls and accessories is an ideal way to incorporate colour into both traditional and modern spaces.

Rich and dominant dark green shades offer the perfect opportunity to add a striking contrast to your kitchen space, similar to that of a monochromatic palette.

The decadent hues of colours such as; Arboretum Green and Regency Green, blend seamlessly into both country and modern kitchen design.

Pair deep rich greens with brass metallic handles and faucets, solid white marble countertops, and deep brown oak, herringbone flooring in traditional kitchen designs.

In modern kitchen designs, consider working with different tones of green - contrasting dark green cabinetry with white or light green cabinetry to add a point of difference.

Play with texture and intertwine glossy tiling, exposed brick walls or authentic wood finishes to truly bring the outdoors inside. If you’re searching for a colour combination that exudes a light, airy and spacious feel, look no further than a white and Green Olive or Eucalyptus Green colour fusion.

Consider adding a pop of colour to your kitchen design through the furnishings or accessories with a warm hued colourway, such as; burnt orange, blush pink or natural wood tones. 

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Neutral kitchen ideas

Savour the timeless space-enhancing effect that neutral kitchen colour design has on your kitchen space.

There are a whole host of warming and nurturing neutral kitchen shades to choose from, to help to turn your room into a haven of calm including; off-whites, pebble shades, truffle tones, and earthly palettes to name just a few. 

The beauty of the neutral kitchen is that it pairs well with most colours - consider intertwining hints of pastel palettes into your kitchen design - sage and bright greens, baby pinks and burnt oranges work beautifully to complement Cashmere kitchen shades.

Accent with charcoal greys and black appliances and faucets, for a minimalist yet chic design element. For a more traditional approach, opt for brass handle wear and lighting instalments to accentuate cream shaker doors and oak surfaces.  

Connect with the natural world and invest in honest materials to implement into your kitchen space. Raw finishes and reclaimed materials exude an earthy charm that brings peace and serenity into your space.

Consider opting for rustic looking flooring, Nordic Nature fluted oak effect slab doors, glass fronted designs and strong tactile forms to exude a Scandinavian feel within your kitchen space.

This cutting edge form of kitchen design blends graciously with natural interiors such as; greenery, plants and foliage. 

Black kitchen ideas

Redefine your kitchen space with our black kitchen ideas - from chic charcoal to opulent jet blacks, there are plenty of ways to integrate this decadent dark tone into your home interiors. 

Combine our matt colourway Sumi Black with a deep midnight blue colourway for a dark, dramatic and uber-chic colour combination. Accentuate with high shine textures or brass finishes on faucets, lighting and accessories.

Consider opting for handleless cabinets to further promote this minimalist kitchen design. If you’re looking to add depth to our all-white kitchen area, consider incorporating a matt black finish to your kitchen island.

You can then bring in hints of jet black through appliances, chopping boards and lighting instalments. 

Charcoal colourways look just as great in traditional cottage-like kitchens as they do in minimalist modern kitchens.

Team Charcoal shaker-style cabinetry with rustic wood flooring, plenty of natural greenery, marble splashbacks, and brass handles and faucets, for a shabby chic aesthetic.

Charcoal combines seamlessly with plush beiges, cool toned greens and burnt oranges to create an added dimension within your galley space - this can help allude to a larger and brighter surface area. 

For a modern minimalist style setting, team Matt Graphites with a monochromatic design layout. Think crisp white walls, smooth slab doors, integrated handles, and hints of brass or stainless steel features.

You may even choose to add touches of natural cool-toned oak shelving, furniture and blinds to juxtapose the smooth and sleek textures. 

Pastel kitchen ideas

Playful pastel colour combinations help to bring positive affiliations into the hub of your home. Ice cream pastels are often associated with Spring, however they are surprisingly versatile and help to arouse feelings of joy within an interior all year around.

Our pastel range includes; Seagrass to Sky, Lilac Blossom, Washed Cotton and Pilot Blue, to name just a few.  

You may choose to intertwine your favourite pastel shades into your kitchen space through your appliances - kettles, toasters, potted plants, chopping boards, and ornaments on shelving units to name just a few.

Consider opting for warm terracottas and reassuring browns to help create a comforting and nurturing atmosphere. Accentuate pastel shades with matt black handles and faucets to really make the colours in your kitchen space pop. 

If you’re opting for a soft neutral kitchen, consider incorporating pastel accents to exude a Scandinavian feel and bring a subtle warmth to a minimalist space.

Or go all out with a colour block retro pastel kitchen, both of which work well in traditional and contemporary spaces.  

Pastel shaker-kitchen cabinets compliment well with deep grey splashbacks or walls - accentuate with brass or stainless steel details and faucets. Pistachio greens paired with soft wood finishes creates a rustic yet timeless design setting.

White kitchen ideas

Minimal and sleek, a white kitchen acts as a blank canvas for your culinary space and speaks to all of your senses. 

A white kitchen doesn’t have to be just one hue, consider employing powerful pigments. Accentuate Gloss White cabinetry with black marble splash backs, solid oak floorboards, black details, glass fronted designs, and potted foliage for a contemporary monochromatic design setting.

Off-white Fresh linen colourways and cabinetry offer great opportunities to bring the outside indoors. Combine natural colourways such as olive and eucalyptus greens, with fluted oak effect wood doors and herringbone flooring.

Accentuate with matt black faucets, handles for furniture. Consider implementing elements of stone effect marbles too. 

Opt for retro touches and consider incorporating pops of colour into your kitchen design through fresh fruit bowls, colour pop appliances, and abstract artwork.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to implementing colour in your space.

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