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How colour in interiors makes us feel

With the recent explosion of colour in the UK interiors market, we unearthed the effects that colour can have on our wellbeing in the home.

It’s a fact that colour used in the home can affect how we feel.

We know that some colours can make you feel energised, whereas others provide a sense of tranquillity and calm; some can invoke health and happiness while others make us feel safe and secure. 

In short, colours have long been known to play a part in our psychology, mood and wellbeing.

To uncover insights around the effects of colour, we surveyed 2,000 UK homeowners, asking questions around how colour makes them feel – and we found that Brits are more likely to experiment with colour in a post-pandemic world.

Many shared that they feel the Instagram-led ‘grey home trend’ has been overtaken by modern and playful pastel hues that can create a joyful and revitalised aesthetic.

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Incorporate more joyful hues

After a tumultuous few years where we’ve all spent a large amount of time at home, it’s no surprise that British homeowners have reflected on their interiors.

As a result, many of us are increasingly moving away from greyscale interiors, like those popularised on Instagram in recent years.

Lockdown has revealed Britain’s true love for colour; in our survey, 42% said that the stylish ‘grey home trend’ made popular by social media influencers and which once dominated so many homes, is being increasingly overlooked for more vibrant and joyful hues – in perfect time for spring and summer.

Our research shows that post-pandemic Brits are more likely to experiment with a pop of colour, with almost half of the nation admitting that they’ve introduced colour into their home over the last two years.

Of course, greys still appeal to many and will always be a mainstay in interiors, but in a post-pandemic world, the majority of us are opting for lighter, brighter pastel hues.

The psychology of colour

We found that 80% of Brits believe the colours in our homes can have a positive effect on our mood and overall wellbeing.

A third of those surveyed said pastel colours are most likely to evoke feelings of joy and happiness, whereas 20% said that colours can boost wellbeing in a post-pandemic world.

Respondents also shared that they want their homes to showcase their unique personalities, while remaining practical and functional.

It’s important that the colours in our homes appeal to our individual tastes and spark joy. Read our blog to find out more ways to bring joy into your kitchen design through the clever use of colour, natural aesthetics and lighting.

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Popular pastel palettes

When it comes to kitchen design, pastel colours have never been more popular, with 74% of those surveyed saying they have or are considering a pastel palette in their kitchen.

35% said that they believe these shades improve our wellbeing, whereas 27% said they make us want to spend more time in our kitchens.

Far from being the overbearing colours long associated with children’s bedrooms, these new pastel hues are more mature, subtle and sophisticated.

Our Perfect Pastels Collection

While for many, pastel kitchens are a big hit, around one in ten of us are unsure exactly how to style them.

To help make the transition to pastels as easy as possible, we launched our Perfect Pastels Collection, featuring five sophisticated pastel shades; Seagrass, Sky, Lilac Blossom, Washed Cotton and Pilot Blue.

When asked how these new colours made them feel, from a choice of 12 emotions, all bar one of those surveyed said the colours provoked feelings of joy, calmness and happiness.

41% said pastel colours remind them of spring, 31% said they create a feeling of warmth, and 48% said they help create light, airy spaces.

For more inspiration on how to incorporate pastels into your kitchen design for an elevated aesthetic, read our blog on pastel kitchen ideas and our guide to pastels.

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Lizzie Beesley, Head of Design at Magnet, said:

“It’s no surprise to us that we’re all lusting for colour as homeowners steer away from grey, but we are amazed by the amount of people that connect colour with wellbeing.

“When people talk to me about pastels, they often speak of peacefulness and of creating calm in an increasingly chaotic world. They are a surprisingly versatile and transformative colour palette, and have a wondrous way of turning drab grey spaces into something truly special.

“Our Perfect Pastels collection was created with this in mind. We have chosen the best colours for practical yet beautiful kitchens, helping create spaces we enjoy and spaces which help boost our mood.”

There’s no doubt that Britain’s relationship with colour has shifted significantly since the pandemic, and we’re here to help you to incorporate more joy-invoking hues into your kitchen design.

Find out more about our Perfect Pastels Collection or discover endless inspiration on our blog. Discuss your style ideas and needs with one of our friendly kitchen experts, at a free, no-obligation design consultation.