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The most popular interior trends

We’ve analysed the most popular interior trends over the last year to see which the UK and US agree on.

The United Kingdom and United States are often considered to be relatively similar, however, we wanted to see how far this goes in terms of interior preference and design.

By analysing the sentiment of over 250k tweets relating to interior design over the past year, we’ve discovered which interior trends are the most loved and divisive between ourselves and those across the pond.

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The most popular interior paint colours

Green is the most popular interior colour of the year

Green came out as the most loved colour, with an overall positive sentiment of 85%.

Said to have calming energy, the colour green has continued to increase in popularity over recent years, particularly as most people shift towards a neutral aesthetic, greenery and green accents complement this interior trend well.

Green cabinets will be the biggest kitchen trend of 2023

Green kitchens have become our fastest-growing cabinet colour. Our Ludlow Arboretum Green kitchen launched only last summer, and is already one of the most sought-after styles.

Demand for ‘green kitchens’ have increased by 50%, with the term now achieving an average of 74,000 monthly Google searches. The same goes for Pinterest, as searches for ‘olive green kitchens’ have also increased by 51% over the past year, and ‘sage green kitchens’ by 48%.

Pink and white interiors are universally loved

Despite there being a split across the UK on the sentiment regarding pink interiors, when tweets were added to those of the US the general trend was positive at 73%.

White was the third most-loved colour at 75% positive sentiment, as a colour that can be paired with pretty much anything it’s clear to see why this would make the top three.

Overall, the UK’s top three colour trends are neutral, green and white. In the US, this is green, pink and white.

Neutral kitchens remain a popular interior trend

Despite the rise of the maximalist interior trend, neutral and cashmere kitchens still come in as one of the biggest kitchen colour trends of 2023.

Beige and neutral kitchens have been our third best-seller over the past six months, with Tatton Pebble and Luna Cashmere kitchens being the most popular.

Google searches for ‘neutral kitchens’ have increased by 47% over the past year, and by 54% on Pinterest. Searches for ‘cashmere kitchens’ have increased by 22% on both Google and Pinterest.

The most popular interior styles

Modern, industrial and minimalist are the most loved interior style trends

Going hand-in-hand with minimalism, modern interior styles are the favourite across both the UK and US, with a positive sentiment of 96%.

Minimalist interiors were the second-most loved interior trend at 94% and generally consists of the bare essentials, with plenty of open space.

Industrial interiors are characterised by raw materials with features such as exposed brick, with a positive sentiment of 93%, this interior trend takes second place.

The most divisive interior trends

Kitchen trends that create division

A divisive trend found in the kitchen is kitchen islands. Here in the UK, we are great fans of the freestanding cabinet, with 73% of tweets being positive.

However, it seems Americans are divided on this European trend despite being found in a number of US homes.

Bubble plates have taken 2023 by storm, with numerous influencers showing off their various colours and styles of bubble plates on social media.

The UK took to this trend positively, but the American counterparts disagree, as the sentiment was mostly negative.

The most divisive interior styles

From brutalist to modernism, interior styles can often be divisive due to their subjectivity.

Brutalist interior consists of raw materials, unusual shapes and textured surfaces, an interior style the US seem to love with 67% of tweets being positive, but the UK are divided on.

Americans also overwhelmingly favour a clinical interior style, with positive tweets surrounding the topic coming in at 94%. As the name suggests, a clinical interior is a clean, white aesthetic similar to that of a clinical practice, and a trend Brits can’t agree on.

If you’re unsure how to pick the best style for you, whether it’s to complement the rest of your home or find a new style you’ve never thought of - book an appointment with our kitchen design experts.

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The UK and US show a difference in interior colour preference

The beige interior trend has taken the world by storm in recent years, as people opt for a timeless, neutral colour scheme that can match any furniture or colour accent.

However, it seems the UK have shifted in attitude towards the beige interior colour palette, with a negative sentiment of 72%, whereas Americans are still a fan of the natural tone with a positive sentiment of 64%.

Is crushed velvet still popular?

Two of the largest interior trends to come out of the 2010s is crushed velvet furniture and neutral colour schemes.

However, in recent years these two trends have come head to head as people are divided over which is superior.

Although the trend has been around for decades, crushed velvet has taken centre stage in recent times, as #crushedvelvet has received 9.7 million views on TikTok, being favoured by the 18-24 demographic.

Commonly associated with grey, crushed velvet furniture is shiny in appearance and exudes opulence. The trend really took off in 2019, when worldwide Google searches peaked at 54,000 a month.

On the other side of the spectrum is the neutral interior trend, popularised by the like of the Kardashians and Molly-Mae Hague.

Neutral interiors consist of a neutral palette that is without any colour. Beige, ivory, white and taupe tend to be the shades associated with this interior style and #neutralhome on TikTok has garnered 226.5 million views.

Whereas searches and demand for crushed velvet have started to decline at -32% worldwide over the past year, searches still sit at 6,600 a month in the UK and 5,400 a month in the US.

Neutral interiors are still on the up, increasing 6% worldwide over the past year, which suggests this trend will continue to dominate over the next few years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Panelling was a breakout trend for 2022

But, is it here to stay?

Panelling is an interior trend that took over during lockdown, as people were spending most of their time inside and thus finding ways to pass the time and spruce up their homes.

DIY wall panelling in particular was brought to the centre stage of UK interiors, with the likes of Stacey Solomon showing her Instagram followers just how she achieved the look, easily and inexpensively.

This trend took off predominantly in the UK, with monthly searches averaging 22,000 a month, compared to the US at just 1,600.

Panelling received positive sentiments from all major UK cities, including London, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh.

The US, however, are more split, with cities such as San Diego having a negative reaction to the trend, whilst Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Francisco and Charlotte couldn’t make up their minds.

Is the panelling trend here to stay? Certainly in the UK the interior style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere as searches are still high and sentiment positive.

The celebrity interiors people like most

Home influencers on social media are growing in popularity, but who better to turn to for inspiration than a celebrity?

We’ve analysed the sentiment around some of the biggest celebrities who show their homes on the likes of Instagram and TikTok, to discover the celebrity interiors people like most.

The public aren’t a fan of the Kardashian extreme minimalism

Kim Kardashian is known for her neutral home and extreme minimalism, which has often led to a lot of division on social media. However, the sentiment towards her interior choices is mostly negative at 63%.

Molly-Mae Hague, however, had a more positive reception to her home with a positive sentiment of 54%. Although she too opts for a beige and neutral style, the home is less minimal and features accents of colour - something Kardashian’s does not.

English country style is in

Stacey Solomon and Sophie Hinchliffe (Mrs Hinch) are the favoured celebrity interiors of all analysed with a positive sentiment of 88% and 89% respectively.

Both have modern farmhouses, with English country kitchens and fans love to watch the progress of their home renovations.

Whether you agree with the positive sentiment towards certain interior trends or not, no matter your interior preference we have a kitchen for every style of home at Magnet.

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