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Black kitchen ideas

Black kitchens are surprisingly versatile and can be styled to suit your taste. Here are our carefully curated black kitchen ideas to help inspire you.

Black may not be the first shade that springs to mind when creating a colour scheme for your kitchen but when designed seamlessly, elegant black kitchen designs can be contemporary, luxurious and sensationally stylish.

But what colours go with a black kitchen? Will a black kitchen make your room appear smaller and are black kitchens a good idea?

Naturally, you will have questions regarding how to style a darker colour scheme, but black kitchens are an excellent idea for anyone looking to add an on-trend touch to a social space and when executed well, it won’t leave the room feeling cramped.

Read on to discover the pros of all black kitchen ideas, as we delve into how to create a striking black kitchen.

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Take a look at some of our most inspiring black kitchen ideas:

All black kitchen ideas

Dark kitchen ideas

Black kitchen colour combinations

All black kitchen ideas

If you want a kitchen that makes a big impact, then an all-black kitchen design is the way to go. In terms of colour psychology, black is brimming with positive connotations and is symbolic of elegance and sophistication.

An on-trend, all-black scheme has the potential to overpower a small space, but there are a number of ways to dilute the intensity of this aesthetic. One way is to incorporate different finishes that help to layer the look.

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Pair matt black cabinets with glossy quartz marble worktops, and incorporate a contrasting tiled splashback to create an inspiring and visually appealing room.

Using furniture and fixtures with curved edges and round corners is a simple way to dial back the drama and create an instantly softer look. Bouclé black bar stools could add textural interest to an all-black kitchen design.

However, if you are styling a large kitchen and desire maximum impact, opt for black appliances for that final flourish.

Black cabinets and worktops

The simplest place to experiment with black is the kitchen cabinets and worktops. With different finishes, shades and textures to choose from, you can fully customise the design of your kitchen to suit your unique sense of style.

For a look that creates an industrial vibe, an all-black kitchen boasting charcoal shades paired with black pendant lighting and wrought iron accents and accessories is ideal.

For a more rustic feel, opt for a moody colour palette with colour-coordinated matt black sinks and taps.

Shaker or modern cabinetry

Black is a powerful shade that lends itself to both classic and contemporary style homes, so whether you opt for a traditional Shaker kitchen or a modern kitchen, you can still explore the black colourway thoroughly.

Shaker-style cabinets are the perfect foundation for an industrial-style kitchen, while contemporary handleless cabinets offer a futuristic vibe.

Black marble countertops

Visual interest is the key when it comes to styling an all-black kitchen and it doesn’t get more luxurious than a black marble countertop.

Without patterns and textures, an all-black kitchen design can look one-dimensional and using a marble pattern is the perfect way to counteract this.

Dark kitchen ideas

If you don’t want to commit to an all-black colour theme but still find the idea of a dramatic colour scheme for your cooking space appealing, our dark kitchen ideas are guaranteed to create the wow factor.

While darker shades are trickier to incorporate than white or neutral shades, dark colours are a surprisingly versatile option. Pairing our cabinets in a Sumi Black colourway with white marble countertops is a colour combination that guarantees longevity.

'Dark tones work well when teamed with contrasting brass or copper accents, especially in a modern home.'
Jennie Nash
Senior Design Lead

Black kitchen colour combinations

If you want black to have a prominent role in your kitchen design but want to create the illusion of space and depth, adding a complementary colour can create the perfect balance. But which colours complement a black kitchen?

Well, it depends purely on what overall look and mood you wish to achieve. For a classic look that will never date, pair black with white for a monochrome aesthetic.

To create a sleek and stylish cooking space, run shades of grey through your dark colour scheme. Deep charcoal tones and graphite marble designs dilute the density of the black without losing any of the drama or elegance.

If you’re feeling slightly more daring, punctuate your dark kitchen design with jewel tones to create a luxurious space that’s both inviting and unique. We’re talking about bold emerald greens, teal and rich red tones.

If you want to opt for a modern vibe, offset a dark kitchen with lavish metallic accents to provide a particularly opulent finish.

Lastly, if you want to add warmth to a dark kitchen design, pair dark shades with natural or wood elements to create a stunning contrast.

So there you have it, all of our top black kitchen ideas in one place that you can incorporate into your own customised kitchen design.

Whether you choose to hone in on the on-trend all-black kitchen design or punctuate your colour theme with black accents, you can create a black kitchen that’s perfect for you.

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