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Industrial Kitchen Ideas Buying Guide

Introduce some effortlessly edgy style into your space with an industrial style kitchen. Whether you’re planning a full renovation or just want to experiment with industrial design elements, this contemporary décor is perfect for both traditional and modern spaces.

Industrial kitchens are all about exposed elements, open spaces, and deceptively simple décor. They utilise a variety of materials layered together to create a kitchen that values both form and functionality. Despite their stripped-back appearance, industrial kitchens are social spaces that bring together cosy comforts and understated design.

If you’re planning an industrial kitchen renovation, there are plenty of ways to bring classic contemporary interiors into your space. This guide to creating an industrial look kitchen has plenty of tips and tricks to help you imagine something spectacular.

Choosing the materials for an industrial style kitchen

Materials and textures are the most critical design features for every industrial kitchen design. The stuff you use will be the stars of the show, making an impact every time you enter the room. Typically, industrial home kitchens include a range of synthetic and natural materials. There’s plenty of room to get creative too! You might mix traditional and contemporary elements to create an eclectic aesthetic, or keep it consistent for a streamlined finish.

Some materials you could think about include:

  • Exposed brickwork and stone
  • High-shine metals, like chrome and polished copper
  • Metals with a patina, like brushed brass and steel
  • Natural wood
  • Synthetic materials like composite, concrete or laminate
  • Glass
  • Ceramic tiles

Industrial kitchens often use a mixture of materials to create the trademark eclectic aesthetic. What you choose is up to you, your lifestyle requirements, and style preferences.

Choosing the layout of your industrial style kitchen

Industrial kitchens are all about creating a sense of flow and openness. They work particularly well in large spaces or for those that prefer open plan living. However, it will still be essential to break up your kitchen area into sections to invite comfort and cosiness.

Consider adding a breakfast bar or island to your industrial kitchen design layout, as well as a separate table for formal dining.

It’s also possible to achieve a small industrial kitchen in a compact area. Remember to choose your materials and design influences carefully to prevent a cluttered feel. You may need to get creative if you want layout elements like islands or breakfast bars. Movable trolleys or foldable worktops can work well too.

Selecting a colour palette for your industrial style kitchen

Choosing the right colour palette is essential when putting together your industrial kitchen ideas. These urban spaces often make use of dark tones and deep shades to create a functional feel, although the palette you choose is really up to you. You could consider:

Charcoal Shades

These shades are commin in industrial kitchen designs. Remember to layer your greys to create texture and bring light and contrast with bright whites.

Dark Greens & Blues

These shades are effortlessly on-trend and work well in urban spaces. Consider choosing warm-toned metallics and dark woods to create contrast.

Soft Neutrals

If monochromes and dark shades are not your styles, try introducing soft neutral shades like a mushroom, beige, silver or ash.

Bold Accents

Industrial kitchens don’t need to be boring. Contrast your monochrome with bright and bold accent colours. Vibrant primary colours often work well, especially yellow. It’s worth experimenting with your colour palette to find a style that works for you. Keep your materials in mind, as these will all have an impact on how your hues work together.

Considering your kitchen design elements


Your kitchen cabinets take up a lot of space, which is why they’re an essential design consideration. A benefit of industrial kitchen design is that you can get creative with your cabinet choices. Classic designs, like Shaker-style cabinets, can work well in industrial country kitchens. If you are planning a more contemporary design, you could also choose handleless cabinets with a glossy finish.

Cabinet handles

While a small detail in your kitchen, cabinet handles can add serious style to your space. Think about the look you want to achieve when planning your industrial kitchen design and select your handles accordingly. Sleek options often work well, although decorative handles in a copper or cast iron finish can also look exquisite.


The right worktops enhance industrial kitchen décor, so it’s worth thinking about your chosen material carefully. Natural wood is a popular choice, although stone and synthetic options can work well too. For an edgy design, you could also think about selecting a concrete-effect finish or gleaming stainless steel.


Industrial kitchens are about merging form and functionality effortlessly. For that reason, it’s a good idea to choose a sink that meets your lifestyle requirements and makes a style statement. Stainless steel is an excellent choice, particularly if you select a gunmetal grey finish. You could also get creative with black composite or copper. Don’t forget to accessorise your chosen sink with statement kitchen taps. Contrasting metals can look stylish, such as copper or brushed brass.


Top-of-the-range appliances and sleek designs often work well in industrial home kitchens. Leave these exposed for an eclectic effect, although you may wish to choose models in a similar colour for consistency. If you prefer a sleek finish, look for built-in options or hide appliances away in a pantry or utility area. Vintage-inspired appliances can work well in more traditional spaces. If you prefer range-style cookers or mid-century fridge freezers, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative.

Smaller Accessories

It’s essential to think about the details, as well as the more significant design elements. Storage, small appliances, and glassware can all have an impact on the overall aesthetics of your industrial kitchen décor. Try to choose industrial style kitchen accessories in keeping with your overall look. For example, chunky wood chopping boards, wire rack storage, hanging bars for utensils and pans, and metal containers can all enhance your design.


Choosing your industrial style kitchen lighting is an exciting moment. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your style. Sculptural lights with exposed elements are a popular choice, which you may want to combine with spotlighting for functionality. Vintage pendant lights from commercial settings are another option, as they can enhance the industrial feel of your kitchen.


Splashbacks help to protect your walls from spills while adding a touch of style to your space. In industrial kitchens, you can make a statement with your splashback design. Stainless steel panels can look striking, or you could introduce colour with glass or ceramic tiling. Another option is to use exposed brickwork or roughly-hewed stone.


Kitchen flooring needs to be durable and stylish, mainly as these rooms are often amongst the most used in the home. In industrial style kitchens, it’s worth thinking about how to enhance your overall aesthetics while retaining functionality. Many homeowners choose an exposed concrete floor for an urban feel, although engineered wood, tiles and laminate can all work well too. Remember, you should prioritise water-resistance and durability, whatever flooring you choose.