Jen’s background and career

From a young age Jen had a passion for fine art, and was destined for the design world after qualifying for the quarter-finals of Audi’s Young Designer of the Year competition.

Jen’s journey truly began when she graduated from York St. John University with a degree in Art and Design – with a specialism in furniture.

Jen's illustrious career in the kitchen industry began in 2007, and she joined Rixonway, which was part of the prestigious Nobia Group. Her expertise and talent shone through, propelling her into the role of Estimating and Design Manager. Jen's journey with Nobia continued to soar as she took on the role of Global Product Manager, overseeing the innovative development of worktops and handles.

Finally, Magnet recognized Jen's remarkable contributions, welcoming her into their new design team as the Design Excellence Manager. In this pivotal role, Jen has revolutionized Magnet's design language and direction, making her an invaluable asset in the pursuit of becoming design leaders..

With a passion for creativity and an innate understanding of the intricate balance between aesthetics and functionality, Jen has become a prominent figure in the design industry.

Our colour expert

At Magnet we've curated our kitchen palette to balance natural tones, subtle hues and statement colours. Be it classic, modern or anything in-between, the idea is to give you the power to choose what works for you. 

Use a uniform colour, a single colour in different shades or even a neutral tone enhanced by a striking statement piece. Your kitchen, your rules. 

Ask Jen

Our homes are being turned to as places to retreat and enjoy. With less going out, we will stay in! Spa, Bar & Restaurant – 1 word, Joy! Many consumers are anticipating cutting back on experiences outside of the home, fuelling a rise in the ‘insperience’ trend. We are also desperate to find JOY which suggests people will want their homes to be able to switch up from peaceful retreat to home cocktail bar or restaurant. We are calling this “In-In”, think Home bar, Hotel luxury or intimate restaurant all in the home.

The power of personal expression, is also something we are seeing growing. Gone are the days when everyone has the same grey shaker kitchen. People want to create their own personal statement, a reflection of them. Our Paint to order range is a great example of this, people are opting to pick from a wide range and mix and match rather than go for the standard options. Powerful marble decors and eccentric accessories are also really trendy and give people that bespoke décor feel – like jewellery for the kitchen! Open shelves are also a lovely way to bring personality into the kitchen, displaying treasured objects and people are certainly moving away from lots of wall cupboard s a to a more open feel, but this doesn’t mean that you loose lots of storage. Wall cupboards are not actually a great way to store things. Tall larders and pull-out storage will give you a way more versatile, practical way to store so try using less wall space for a few strategically placed super tall storage units rather than lots of wall cupboards.

On the other hand, Ultra Comfort is in demand. Consumers are surrounding themselves with reassuring design to counteract turbulent times. Whether it be cocooning calm neutrals, colour drenching in one shade to feel totally nurtured, biophilic connection to nature or comfort in nostalgic charm. In-fact Nostalgia seems to be how people feel comfortable to make a bolder choice, it feels recognisable somehow - the bold colour or dark timber is easier to punt for. There was a time when people wanted to go one way or another because it was the trend. But for years now, it’s really come down to how an individual wants to feel in their home.

From a tech perspective, the number 1 purchase has to be a boiling water tap. What a great bit of kit, once you’ve had one there is no going back :) It also used to be that you would have to compromise on other features, like pull outs, different colours (like brass and black) etc. etc. but not anymore, you can get the tap of your dreams! Even sparkling and filtered water from brands like Quooker. 

Tech can also be a bit off-putting too, people want the convenience, but they don’t want it to feel like it’s intrusive. Integrated appliances are definitely in demand, hiding everything behind a door is definitely the way to go. But handleless/ push to open, matt black and even built in that looks more classic is what people want.

Another really big trend is people wanting a more furniture feel, rather than traditional “fitted kitchens”. Adding dainty feet to an island, using an antique or feature unit to store crocks in or even hiding most of the kitchen so it feels more like a living space. It’s probably as people reassess their spaces and move to open plan living that they realise a big lumpy kitchen feels overwhelming in a space. But even in a small space lifting units up and seeing the floor below can provide a much-needed feeling of spaciousness.

Midnight has done so well for us but we are being asked for bolder, brighter, marine shades so it will be exciting to bring more saturated, playful statements into the range. For quite some time grey dominated and it’s lovely to see people really embracing colour, moving toward personal choices rather than doing what next door did! Green has been the most adopted colour – ranging from airy aqua, saturated olive and dark forest tones it’s almost become the new neutral.

Lots of warmth coming through too, peach, terracotta and even enriched brown. There has been a move toward neutrals too but that doesn’t have to be boring. It can be quite beautiful to build that layered tonal look.

Painted timber is another one people love and I guess apart from the obvious association with quality you can re-paint it in the future, should you want, which people love because it gives them a licence to be braver with their choices.

The kitchen island isn’t a new concept – it’s actually the oldest form of kitchen space planning. Think heritage refectory table in a Georgian scullery! It’s a timeless way to prepare food that has stood the test of time because it fits so easily into modern day open plan living. Open plan living is also not a new concept, at one point in time we would have lived mainly in one room and it wasn’t until after the war that homes started to become divided and spaces separated by function. People are still longing to go back to social living and the island is really well placed to quickly return us to that. The hub of the space.

Islands don’t have to feel intrusive, keeping the floor visible underneath with legs or columns will create a dainty furniture feel. If socialising is important then it’s the perfect addition. People how have one almost always say their friends don’t leave the island all night! The perfect place to perch and get topped up. There’s probably something of a status symbol attached to a hefty island, and if it fits the space why not! It feels a bit dated to buy a sports car now people are much more comfortable investing in their homes.

Storage, storage, storage! …. Number 1 must have is storage to suit you. There are so many units and nifty storage solutions that make storing stuff a pleasure it’s the easiest thing to get right but so many people trip up. When someone is honest about how they will use the space, what stuff they have and what stuff they might need, the kitchen is a success.

People are also desperate for value for money, not necessarily the cheapest but quality stuff that lasts. Like real, solid brass handles rather than a faux finish or technical stone worktops are hugely popular and a great choice too. The decors are beautiful and really look and feel like real stone and often better for the planet than real stone like Dekton, which is carbon neutral choice. Dekton is also 5x stronger than Granite allowing for greater surface spans. Dekton does not fade over time and the colour lasts a lifetime. Dekton is the most scratch resistant surface available. Resistant to abrasive acids, oils, vinegar, and most importantly wine!

Most of our suppliers are really pushing their efforts into initiatives to help our planet. Like our Seacycle handle that’s made from 100% recycled sea plastics, like fishing nets tec. There’s also a big focus on energy saving appliances including quicker &/or more efficient cooking times which is double benefit for us right?

Venting hobs (with the extractor built in the hob) are also getting better and better and they are a great bit of kit for a streamlined look.

In regard to finishes we have seen some amazing innovations in timber veneer imitations. Although natural and authentic materials are synonymous with quality and beauty sometimes an alternative can be more sustainable and more durable. The technology we are starting to see is in the processes creating texture. Texture and haptic homes are an important way to connect us to nature and poor imitations can do the opposite!