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How to measure your kitchen

Our step-by-step guide to measuring your kitchen easily and accurately.

Draw your floor plan

Your kitchen measurements will form the foundation of your design, so your designer will need to see a floor plan with measurements of the room before they can start creating your 3D kitchen design & quote.

Before you start

  • Grab some paper, a pencil, a tape measure & your phone camera.
  • Record measurements in millimetres (mm).
  • Take clear photos of each wall for the floor plan.
  • For kitchen extensions with architect plans, send a screenshot instead of drawing a floor plan.

Why do we need kitchen measurements?

Without your kitchen measurements, your designer will be unable to provide you with an accurate design and quote in your consultation, leading to extra appointments or delays in the buying process. Please ensure you've shared them prior to the night before your consultation.

4 easy steps to measure your kitchen

Step One – Draw your outline

Sketch a rough outline of your kitchen’s shape, including any major structural features and protrusions.

You don’t need to be Picasso to do this or create an exact, to-scale drawing. The floor plan should be a bird’s eye view of the room that shows its shape and scale.

Step Two – Mark it up

Mark any fixed details that your designer will need to design your kitchen around. This should include:

  • Position of doors and windows, and the direction they open in
  • Position of archways
  • Location of permanent fixtures such as radiators, boilers and extractor fans
  • We don't always need gas points at this stage in the design process, but it’s helpful if you can include these

Step Three – Measuring

Grab your tape measure and measure the distance between each fixed point in the room, including windows and doors. You might find it helpful to label each measurement with a letter and create a key before you get started.

Be sure to include full wall measurements (end to end), the size and position of the windows, and how far doors are from the wall.

Your designer does not require measurements of existing kitchen furniture, e.g. worktops.

Step Four – Take supporting photos

Please take a photo of each wall in your existing kitchen, as well as any  areas you feel are a little complicated.

How to share your kitchen measurements

There are three ways to share your measurements with your designer.

You can book a Design Consultation and include your measurements when prompted, send them to your designer directly or via your My Project account.

Don't worry about your measurements being perfect at this stage, one of our expert designers will visit your home to measure your kitchen more thoroughly later in the process.

Need help measuring your kitchen? Speak to a kitchen designer now.

We'll help you measure your space accurately and get started on your dream kitchen.
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