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Sage green kitchen ideas

Bring the outside indoors with our sage green kitchen ideas.

Sage green speaks of ecology and nature and is the ideal colour palette for integrating a peaceful, earthy and serene ambiance into your kitchen space.

This trending colour palette is set to continue to dominate both contemporary and traditional kitchen spaces in months to come and for good reason.

Read on to find out how to implement a sage green colourway into your modern, traditional or farmhouse kitchen.

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Create a modern sage green kitchen

Colour combinations

Green is directly opposite red on the colour wheel, meaning that the two colours complement each other better than any other colours.

Since sage green has a muted tone, it works best with pale muted reds, and pastel pinks and purples.

Incorporating a secondary shade of green to create a two-tone design helps to create an ultra-modern feel within your kitchen space. Sage green when paired with white or cream creates a classic, clean look to a kitchen.

Combine pale pink and sage green to create a playful yet sophisticated kitchen setting.

If you’re looking to bring a calming and nautical vibe to your kitchen space, consider pairing sage green with navy blue. Utilise navy blue as your secondary colour, with a feature wall or navy blue accessories.

Create a warm and organic feel in your kitchen space by using a soft dove grey colourway. You may choose to opt for a two-tone cabinet design to complement this colour combination.

For a paired back minimalist approach, team sage green colourways with an exposed brick wall for an effect that seamlessly blends timeless and contemporary design elements.

Cabinets & worktops

Consider introducing a sage green colourway to your kitchen cabinets - sage green helps to make a subtle design statement without being too striking, offering a timeless yet chic appeal.

A matt finish on your cabinetry works well with a sage colourway to showcase the muted palette of the hue.

If you opt for sage green cabinets, consider choosing a white marble or quartz worktop for a contemporary look.

Accents & lighting

Bring the outside indoors through the addition of plants and planters. You may also choose to introduce a sage green colourway through soft furnishings such as hand towels, oven mitts and seat cushions, or through tableware essentials such as plates and dishes.

Brass and copper metallics, such as handles and taps, pair well with sage green. Consider opting for a U-shaped brass tap to further enhance the modern design of the kitchen space.

A bright set of downlights helps to create a light, airy and social feel to your kitchen space.


If you're opting for a light and airy minimalist design, consider implementing light cool-toned wood flooring. This natural wood element will help to add an earthy feel, which will complement the sage green colourway beautifully.

Dark stone flooring will create a strong dramatic contrast in your kitchen space, offering a great alternative for the typical monochromatic colour combination.

For a bolder choice, you could consider introducing pattern tiling on the floor - attracting the eye and creating a maximalist design setting.


Investing in sage green accessories is a great way to subtly implement a sage green colour scheme in your kitchen space without the need to paint your cabinetry.

You could choose to match accessories with an accent wall in your kitchen space.

If you have chosen to opt for sage green dual toned cabinetry, consider tying in another accent colour for example; navy blue, black or terracotta, through toasters, kettles, cake tins and bread bins.

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Design a traditional sage green kitchen

Implementing a sage green colourway into your traditional kitchen is the ideal way to introduce an earthy feel into the hub of your home.

The muted tone of sage green works exceptionally well with natural pine and oak to further promote the natural feel.

Sage green is a sublime colourway to incorporate onto Shaker kitchen cabinets. Consider implementing a dual-toned kitchen cabinet design through counter balancing both sage green shaker cabinets with wooden shaker cabinets.

Worktops & flooring

Opt for a solid oak worktop to help create a warm contrast within your kitchen space, whilst adding textural interest.

Similarly to a modern kitchen setting, you could choose to incorporate a light wood flooring to complement your sage green colourway.

Retro white tile or cream stone flooring will help to exude a traditional feel, whilst blending deliciously with the muted colour palette of sage green.


Brass pairs exceptionally well with sage and help to provide a vintage inspired look, great for incorporating in your handles and faucets.

Copper pots and pans are a great way to compliment the rustic shade of sage green. Consider keeping them on show on a utensil rail above your stove or kitchen island.

Victorian-inspired brass taps and handles can be utilised in traditional sage green kitchens to really bring the colourway to life. Explore our range of brass and other metal handles below.

Style a sage green country kitchen

Sage green has sumptuous colour properties and makes for the ideal shade to exude a country cottage feel.

In a farmhouse style country kitchen, consider implementing sage green Shaker cabinets which combine fresh colours and clean lines. Open storage helps to ensure everything is in close reach and allows you to display coordinating kitchen accessories.

If you’re looking to keep the majority of your kitchen space a creamy white, consider introducing a sage green colourway into your kitchen island to exude a seamless country design feel.

Colour combinations

Sage greens, crisp whites or off-whites and natural wood textures make for a gorgeously timeless colour combo, helping to leave your kitchen space feeling light and airy. 

In a rustic farmhouse kitchen rich greens and blues make for the perfect colour combination.

The contrast of inky blue and sage green allows the latter to really steal the show. Balance out this retro palette through wood accents and brass finishes.

Make a bold statement in your country kitchen with floral wallpaper. Opt for bold patterns and floral designs to enhance the charm of your space. You can use floral wallpaper across your kitchen space or limit it to a feature wall.

'Further exude a cottage-like feel through exposed low-ceiling beams or exposed brick walls.''
Jennie Nash
Senior Design Lead


A farmhouse or cottage style should incorporate rustic elements - this could include; wooden fruit bowls, vintage clocks, and vintage-inspired brass taps and handles.

If you’re pairing your sage green colourway with cream or off-white, consider including silver hardware.

Adding houseplants and herbs throughout your kitchen space can help to bring the outdoors inside and will merge perfectly with sage green cabinetry.

Lighting & worktops

Warm pendant lighting helps to create a homely feel within your kitchen space and pairs well with the natural feel of sage green. Copper, brass or antique bronze pendant lighting creates a vintage look within your kitchen space.

To exude a country home aesthetic, consider implementing your modern industrial lighting over your kitchen island to complement sage green cabinets.

Marble helps to bring out the depth of sage green and is the ideal material for your worktop.


Consider implementing rustic wooden flooring to exude a farmhouse feel within your kitchen space.

Dark wood flooring pairs exceptionally well with sage green to offer an ‘old world’ charm. Stone or marble flooring also helps to achieve character in a country farmhouse kitchen through natural materials, which complement sage green colour palettes.

You may also choose to include a neutral-toned woven runner or Persian rug to add warmth to your space.

We hope you’ve been inspired to incorporate sage green into your kitchen design. Don’t be afraid to get creative, whether you choose to go all-out with sage green cabinetry, or introduce this colourway as an accent colour through carefully-planned accessories.

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