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Purposeful kitchen storage & design ideas

Discover our kitchen storage & design ideas to transform the heart of your home into a functional, yet stylish, space.

As the central hub of the home, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style or functionality when it comes to your kitchen. Often used as a space for socialising, unwinding and dining (as well as cooking) – it’s important to keep the space clutter-free and organised.

We’ve put together some of our favourite kitchen storage and design ideas to keep your kitchen feeling spacious, chic and efficient. No matter the size of your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to maximise the space you have.

With a myriad of kitchen organisation ideas to choose from, there’s something to suit every lifestyle. Read on to discover how to transform your kitchen into a beautifully functional haven.

Pantry storage

Keep your pantry organised with our stylish pantry storage ideas. Perfect for storing items like vegetables and rice, our fully extendable wire baskets are an easy-access, space-saving, storage solution.

Open shelves in your pantry will allow you to organise your food items into groups with ease. Designate specific shelves to each group (e.g., breakfast foods, snacks, pasta) and use labels to define the zones. For that stylish, aesthetically pleasing look, simply empty your cereal, pasta and other dry foods into clear containers.

You can also get fridge storage organisers and clear storage caddies to keep your fresh produce in order. If you want to know more about the differences between a larder and a pantry, check out our blog.

Clever kitchen accessories

We all the know the frustration of our devices running out of battery. Say you’re trying to cook and want to listen to music or watch your favourite TV show, but all your kitchen appliances are using the sockets and you’re running out of charge. Sound familiar?

With our Bachmann due power socket, you’ll not have to worry. This handy socket has a cover that slides away to reveal plug sockets that can also be hidden away when not in use.

If your whole family’s devices need charging at the same time, opt for a USB charging tray that comes with 5 USB ports – perfect for keeping your devices out of sight but never out of battery.

If you use your kitchen as a space for entertaining, a sound bar is a particularly good investment. Featuring a built-in Bluetooth speaker, it integrates seamlessly into your plinth space and provides high sound quality – without being seen.

Decorate with houseplants & herbs

Investing in houseplants and herbs for your kitchen will provide you with more benefits than just giving the space a botanical feel. In line with creating a purposeful kitchen, houseplants do a lot more than just look pretty. They help to purify the air, as plants remove toxins from their surroundings - whether that be from smelly bin bags or strong kitchen chemicals.

Pick up some of your favourite herbs and put them on the windowsill, so you can pluck off a sprig to season your dishes with ease.

Check out this handy guide to discover which houseplants are the best for your kitchen.

Hidden storage & open shelving

Keep the clutter at bay and add an element of style to your kitchen with hidden storage. Features such as our corner storage unit will allow you to make full use of those awkward corner spaces, turning them into a space saving solution.

Minimise the clutter under your sink with a handy two-tier sink pull out basket. A sleek pull-out bin keeps rubbish or recycling out of sight – with multiple compartments to make sorting your waste easier.

Keep your drawers organised with useful accessories such as plate holders and cutlery inserts.

Don’t be afraid to opt for open shelving to display your favourite cookbooks, kitchen equipment and plants. If you’re going for an industrial aesthetic, opt for black shelf brackets to hold up your floating shelves and increase your shelf storage potential.

It’s all about lighting

Lighting is essential to creating a practical and stylish kitchen. Use under cabinet lighting to illuminate key areas of your kitchen. Discrete LED strip lights provide ample task lighting while creating the perfect ambience.

In-cabinet/shelf lighting helps illuminate your space while adding mood lighting. If you’re looking to showcase your favourite cocktail glasses or champagne flutes, opt for our LED floating shelf lights.

A pendant light suspended above your kitchen island or table will not only illuminate your dining area when in use, but also adds a striking design feature to your kitchen that can complement your décor style.

Quality & longevity

Opting for quality furniture that stands the test of time ties into creating a purposeful and sustainable home - as it means you don’t have to replace your furniture as quickly.

Our kitchen cabinets come with a minimum 15 year guarantee and most of our kitchen appliances have a minimum 1 year warranty.

If you want to know more about the life expectancy of our kitchen appliances, check out this handy report and discover how to be more energy-efficient in your kitchen with this simple guide.

Make it your own

Having an organised and purposeful kitchen will allow you to create a stunning space, but remember to make it your own.

Whether you’re going for bold, neutral or pastel colours – choosing the right colour palette for your kitchen will not only make your space come into its own, but will help to make your kitchen feel personal to you. Take a look at our kitchen colour palette guide to find the perfect match for you.

Create a sense of cohesion throughout your kitchen by incorporating your chosen colour scheme into your kitchen accessories – from your choice of worktops, taps, sinks and cabinet handles to splashbacks, backboards and flooring.

Check out our guide on how to create your own kitchen mood board, so you can feel inspired to start making your dream kitchen a reality.

If you’re feeling inspired by our kitchen storage and design ideas to create your own perfectly purposeful kitchen, then let our Magnet designers help you with a free, no-obligation Design Consultation. Don’t forget to check out our other blogs for further kitchen inspiration.