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Pink and green kitchen ideas

A pink and green kitchen is playful yet sophisticated. Here are some pink and green kitchen ideas that we've carefully curated to help you get inspired.

Colourful kitchens are becoming ever more popular as people realise they’re not afraid to mix and match vibrant colours to create a beautiful kitchen.

If you're looking to infuse some fun, playful and refreshing vibes into your kitchen, then pink and green might just be the perfect colour combination for you.

Pink and green are a unique and unexpected pairing that can create a fresh and inviting look in your space, so we’ve created this guide to pink and green kitchen ideas to help inspire you.

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From soft blush pink cabinets with mint green accents to bold pink and green patterns, there are plenty of creative ways to incorporate this trendy colour duo into your culinary space.

Whether you're looking for a subtle pop of colour or a bold statement, pink and green can add a unique and charming touch to your kitchen design. Here are some ideas for green and pink kitchens.

Combining pinks and greens

There are numerous ways to pair pinks and greens in kitchen colour schemes, depending on your desired style and mood. Here are some suggestions:

Soft pink and mint green

Blush or dusty rose shades of pink can add warmth and femininity, while mint green brings a cool and calming vibe. This combination works well in shabby chic or vintage-inspired interiors.

Hot pink and lime green

Perfect for a playful and energetic atmosphere, hot pink adds a pop of colour and drama, while lime green adds a zesty and cheerful vibe. This combo works well with a modern or eclectic décor, adding a sense of fun and personality.

Pale pink and sage green

A pale pink adds elegance and romance, while sage green brings in a muted and earthy tone. This combination can work well in a traditional or cottage-inspired décor, creating a serene and charming ambience.

Experiment with different shades and tones to find the perfect combination that matches your personal style and preferences.

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'When using pinks and greens in interior decoration, it's important to consider your overall colour scheme, style, and the proportion of each colour used. ' Jennie Nash, Senior Design Lead
Integra Soho by Magnet. Ultra-contemporary design with sleek handless doors and available in 20 different colours.

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Soft pink cabinets with mint green accents

Consider painting your kitchen cabinets in a soft blush pink and accenting them with mint green elements.

The combination of soft pink and mint green creates a charming and delicate look that can make your kitchen feel like a whimsical oasis.

You can add mint green knobs or pulls to your pink cabinets, or even incorporate mint green backboard tiles or worktops to complete the look.

Fresh greenery with pink accents

Another way to incorporate pink and green into your kitchen is through fresh greenery with pink accents.

Consider adding potted plants, herbs or flowers with pink blooms to your kitchen windowsill, countertop or shelves.

The combination of vibrant greenery with pink accents can create a fresh and natural look in your kitchen, bringing in the beauty of nature and adding a sense of vitality.

Pink and green lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures can be a creative way to incorporate pink and green into your kitchen. Consider pendant lights or chandeliers in pink or green hues to add a touch of colour and visual interest to your kitchen.

You can choose modern and sleek fixtures, or opt for vintage or bohemian styles, depending on your kitchen's overall aesthetic.

Floral green and pink accessories

Create a whimsical and romantic look with table lamps featuring pink bases, and green lampshades adorned with floral patterns. The pink bases add a touch of femininity and charm, while the green, floral lampshades bring in a sense of nature and romance.

Place these table lamps on bedside tables, end tables or mantels for a cosy and inviting ambience. The combination of pink and green with floral patterns can create a dreamy and enchanted atmosphere, perfect for a modern cottage or bohemian décor.

Retro pink and green appliances

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen with retro-style appliances in pink and green hues. Think of vintage-inspired refrigerators and ovens in pastel pink or mint green that can serve as statement pieces in your kitchen.

These appliances can add a playful and unique twist to your space, while also providing the modern functionality you need for your culinary adventures.

Pink and green splashback

Create a focal point in your kitchen by installing a pink and green splashback. You can choose pink and green tiles in various shapes, such as subway tiles or mosaic tiles, to create a captivating pattern or design.

This can add a pop of colour and personality to your kitchen while also protecting your walls from splashes and stains.

We hope our guide to combining pink and green colourways has inspired you to add a dash of colour to your kitchen. If you want further kitchen colour inspo, check out some of our other blogs.