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6 Maximalist kitchen ideas to brighten your interiors

For one of our favourite kitchen design trends of the moment, we're taking things up a notch with the bold and beautiful maximalist kitchen.

Maximalist design encourages you to get loud with your style, experimenting with and embracing colour, print and plenty of fun. A maximalist kitchen design makes an all-over statement – but this doesn’t have to mean mess or clutter.

We’ve all been spending more time at home in recent years and as a result, maximalist design has become increasingly popular in the UK. It allows you to show off your personal taste with confidence, and while clashing colours and prints can be stunning, there are many other elegant ways you can create this aesthetic in your kitchen.

Need some extra inspiration? These are our top design tips and maximalist kitchen ideas.

Inject some colour

First on your list of maximalist kitchen ideas should be colour. Bold-coloured kitchen cabinets instantly add drama to your space and allow you to breathe your personal style into your design from the start.

Our stunning Ludlow kitchen in rich Arboretum Green oozes a maximalist kitchen aesthetic and paired with oversized accessories, you can’t go wrong. What could be seen as a traditional colour can be styled using contemporary accessories and statement details, making it perfect for this loud and proud kitchen look. 

Try patterned wallpaper

While bold paint on the walls is another great way to add fun into your space, how about opting for statement patterned wallpaper instead? This effective choice can allow you to add both colour and print to your kitchen – without too heavy of an investment.

From oversized florals and bold geometric prints to stripes and beautiful illustrations, the world of patterned wallpaper is your oyster if you’re looking to get creative. Cover every wall with your print or choose a feature wall to ease your way into the trend.

You can tie in your patterned wallpaper with the colour of your kitchen cabinets, or choose to create a contrast for a sure-fire way to achieve that dream maximalist kitchen look.

Winchester kitchen by Magnet. A wood grain effect affordable alternative to solid timber built from hardwearing MDF and available in 5 colours.

Create pockets of pattern with tiles

Another great way to add pattern to your maximalist kitchen design is by using statement splashbacks on more specific areas of your kitchen, like behind the sink or hob. Choose an on-trend anthracite splashback in our beautiful metro tile design for a statement finish, or go wild for print with an anthracite geo alloy splashback designed to look like stunning mosaic tiles.

The scale of your splashback depends on the size and layout of your kitchen and how much you want to embrace this statement look. A tile effect splashback is also a great idea if you’d like to add some maximalist flair to your already-completed kitchen, as it can be easily installed at an affordable cost.

Use statement lighting

Statement lighting is our next tip for injecting a splash of maximalist kitchen design into your space.

We like to think of pendant lighting as the jewellery of your kitchen. With that in mind, you should consider which metals and materials you want to lead your theme. Statement drop lighting can create a room feature or be used to highlight certain areas, such as the space over your sink or dining table, depending on your kitchen’s layout. Pendant lights are also the perfect way to complete a kitchen island.

Hoxton kitchen. Smooth slab doors in a painted effect finish. Minimalist styling with your choice of handles and three colours.

Embrace oversized ornaments and art

A maximalist kitchen design gives you the freedom to get creative with your kitchen accessories, and add ornaments and art that you might have previously saved for other areas of your home.

This style is all about choosing larger-than-life designs with bold colours and interesting textures to create unique focal points in your space. From huge vases to vintage picture frames and extravagant mirrors, when it comes to maximalist styling, the brighter, bolder and bigger, the better! The right ornaments and art will also bring chic, elegant styling to your maximalist design.

Get wild with botanicals

Adding some key botanical elements to your maximalist kitchen design brings calmness and a touch of nature while still maintaining the look you’re after. The texture and dimension of larger, more interesting plants pair well with any selection of bright colours or prints.

So, what are the best houseplants for your kitchen? Choose oversized and statement plants like a Kentia palm or add extra colour with a bright-pink Caladium plant. You might even consider creating a biophilic-inspired wall garden or adding greenery and plants to the ceiling using hanging plants.

Is a maximalist kitchen just what you’re looking for? If you need some extra advice to create the kitchen of your dreams, our Magnet experts are on hand to help you design every element of your kitchen. Book a Design Consultation and discover how you can transform your space into a maximalist haven.

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