The most luxurious breakfast menus in the UK

Breakfast is often praised as the most important meal of the day, so why not treat yourself to the most luxurious breakfast in the UK?

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To kickstart your day in the right way, we've analysed the breakfast menus of some of the most luxurious restaurants in the UK.

We looked at the restaurants that are considered ‘fine dining’ and that have a 4.5 - 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, and then identified the most expensive items on the menu across a range of categories, including coffee, eggs and pastries..

From a lavish lobster omelette costing £30.00 at The Oval Restaurant, to a £7.00 slice of toast at The Promenade, read on to indulge your morning appetite and discover the restaurants with the most luxurious breakfast menus across the UK.

Ranked: Top 40 most luxurious breakfast menus

The Oval Restaurant has been crowned as the home of the most luxurious breakfast menu across the nation.

Its elegant menu offers a lavish Scottish lobster omelette for £30.00 which is the most expensive eggs dish across its menu.

In the second place, The Collins Room restaurant, created by the acclaimed designer Robert Angel, has become a favourite spot for fashionistas and food-lovers, offering a deluxe mixed seasonal berries bowl for £16.00.

The Amaranto restaurant at the Four Seasons in London ranks in third place.

It’s an ideal place to start your morning with a refreshing and freshly squeezed juice or smoothie for £12.00. The Promenade restaurant at the Dorchester follows in fourth place.

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The most expensive breakfast items

When it comes to the most expensive breakfast items across these 40 menus, The Foyer at the Claridge’s hotel offers the most luxurious egg dish for an opulent cost of £74.38!

This succulent dish consists of scrambled eggs en brioche with Oscietra caviar. A great experience for those who are looking for a deluxe breakfast.

If you prefer a lighter breakfast, The Promenade offers the most expensive seasonal fruit platter for £23.00. This is followed by The Northall, (£17.00) and The Collins Room (£16.00) both offering seasonal berries.

If you are someone who opts for a petit déjeuner, The Collins Room has the most expensive pastry/toast for £16.00, which comes in the form of a luxurious French toast served with clotted cream and berry compote.

Credit: CUT - 45 Park Lane, Mayfair @45parklane

In second place, The Oval restaurant, (£15.00), followed by The Betterment restaurant which has been rated by the Michelin Guide – good cooking, (£12.00).

Cereal is usually the cheapest breakfast option in the pantry, but not on these menus.

At Annabel’s you can find a turmeric overnight oats bowl served with chia, coconut, maple, goji, dates and blueberries for an indulgent cost of £15.00.

This is followed by the Jean-Georges restaurant at the Connaught hotel, offering a granola & yogurt bowl served with seasonal berries for £14.00.

Credit: Wellington Lounge, Mayfair @icparklane

To help wash down these exquisite dishes The Oval Restaurant offers a grand selection of juices and smoothies, from classic mixed berry to exotic papaya and passion fruit blends.

These £15.00 smoothies are the priciest juices/smoothies across these menus, followed by the Amaranto and the Promenade restaurants (£12.00).

For some of us, there’s nothing like the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. If so, head over to the 45 Jermyn St. restaurant, where you can find the most expensive coffee of all.

Imported from Panama, this prize-winning Geisha coffee will help you to boost your energy for only £15.00 per cuppa!

Or do you prefer a cup of tea to start your day? 45 Jermyn St. also offers the most expensive tea selection. Imported from Assam and China, these black and oolong teas cost £9.75 per pot.

The most luxurious fry-ups

One of the staples of British cuisine is the full English breakfast, aka the ‘fry-up’. And what’s not to love about this delicious and traditional dish?

It typically consists of fried eggs, sausages, bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread, and a slide of white or black pudding.

Head over to the luxurious kitchens of The Promenade and Amaranto Restaurant at Four Seasons for the most expensive full English breakfasts – costing £38.00 at each of these establishments.

The Oval Restaurant takes second place (£34.00), and in third place is The Foyer at Claridge’s (£33.25), which offers Burford brown eggs, sweet-cured bacon, middle white sausage, grilled tomato, and field mushrooms.

In tenth position is the Adam Handling Chelsea restaurant, offering a succulent full English breakfast which includes Cumberland sausages, eggs, maple-glazed pork belly, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and homemade brown sauce (£27.00).

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Using TripAdvisor data, we gathered all the restaurants by county location (107 counties) based on type of meal (breakfast & brunch) and price (fine dining). Then, we scraped these URLs (restaurants) with the aim of collating our final list based on 4.5-to-5-star average ratings.

Then we manually checked the online price of the most expensive item across 7 categories from each restaurant’s ‘breakfast/brunch’ menu: coffee, juice/smoothie, tea, cereal/porridge/granola, pastry/toast, fruit platter, egg dish and English breakfast.

We used min-max normalisation to determine the overall ranking (0-100), with 100 being the highest score.

Note: We omitted restaurants that didn’t provide pricing information on their websites and those which only offer a set menu. Some of the menus of these restaurants change on a regular basis, while some just provide sample menus. All prices were correct according to the restaurants’ websites as of April 2021.

Restaurant’s photos credits to The Foyer at Claridge’s, The Promenade at The Dorchester, The Collins Room, Annabel’s, The Oval Restaurant and 45 Jermyn St.