Monochrome Kitchens Buying Guide

Inspired by simple Scandinavian design, the Monochrome look is ultra-contemporary. This guide takes you through how you can achieve this look in your own home.

Luna Matt White

Monochrome is the classic combination of black and white – a popular pairing which works beautifully in minimalist homes and family spaces alike. Monochrome kitchens have seen a rise in popularity thanks to their stylishness, timelessness and versatility. The contrast between clean white and intense black is an excellent way to add a little spice and striking contrast to your space.

Because monochrome kitchens are so stunningly suited to a range of surfaces, there are no limits to the kitchen design direction you can take. Whether your black and white kitchen space boasts an impressive gloss finish, stained wood worktops or smooth graphite worksurfaces, at Magnet, we have monochrome kitchen options to suit any home.

Need help bringing your bespoke monochrome kitchen out of your dreams and into reality? Visit our kitchen planner for inspiration.

Planning your monochrome kitchen

Before you start working on the design of your new monochrome kitchen, there are several important things to consider.

1. Budget
What kind of budget do you have for the design of your new space? If you need to stick to a specific amount, you can use our kitchen price estimator to choose from a range of monochrome kitchen configurations and customise elements to suit your personal budget.

At Magnet, we have kitchens in a range of finishes, with appliances and accessories to suit all budgets. So, whether you’re interested in a complete redesign or just looking to update some aspects of your space, we can work with you to make your dream monochrome kitchen come true no matter what your price cap is. Don't forget to take a look at our offers too, available on many of our kitchen designs.

2. Space
Another important consideration to make is how much space you have in your kitchen. Can you spare some of the floor-space for a monochrome kitchen island? Do you need to incorporate smart-storage options into your smaller kitchen? Are you able to fill an ample space with large appliances and vast worktops? Ask yourself these questions before you start choosing your new monochrome kitchen fittings.

3. Style
You’ve figured out your budget, and you understand your kitchen space. Now you can start making those exciting design choices and really getting to grips with your stylish new monochrome kitchen.

Choosing your style means making decisions about which finish you’ll have in your new kitchen, and whether your space will be contemporary and sleek or will lean more towards traditional design. For example, matt finish kitchens scream modernity, while versatile wooden finishes are timeless – choose the style that best suits your home, and you’re one step closer to your dream monochrome kitchen.

If you’re looking for a monochrome kitchen but are concerned about limiting yourself to black and white, oak and walnut features bring variation and warmth to make a welcoming kitchen.

4. Colour Planning
When you’re designing your monochrome kitchen, be sure to choose a prominent colour rather than using an equal balance of black and white to avoid a chequerboard feel.

Colour planning is essential – perhaps you’ll stick to traditional monochrome hues, or maybe you’re interested in black and white kitchens with a splash of colour. Whatever your take on the monochrome finish, a little time and consideration are all it takes to figure out a style that’s perfect for your home.

Working with your existing kitchen space

Bigger kitchens, with large workspaces and plenty of room to cook and entertain, are great for those who are lucky enough to have them. At Magnet, we understand that while you might be one of the lucky ones, you may have limited space in which to create your dream monochrome kitchen. That’s why we’ve designed a plethora of innovative space-saving kitchen accessories, which work with the size of your kitchen to maximise functionality, efficiency and style.

Choosing a sink to work with your kitchen’s size

We have a huge selection of black and white sinks to suit every kitchen size, so integrating functionality into your new monochrome space is simple. Choose a sunken kitchen sink that fits the worksurface area you have available. If you’re limited, opt for a slimmer sink that won’t take up much space, or go for a sink with a cover that can be used as an additional cooking space and transform the way you use your kitchen.

Working with lighting to get more from your kitchen

There are several ways that you can use cleverly placed lighting to get more from the space you have and enhance your kitchen’s design. Fix LED light strips beneath low and high cupboards to illuminate your monochrome finish or choose spotlights instead of hanging pendant lights to create an airier feel in smaller kitchens.

Fitting innovations into your monochrome kitchen

We understand that your kitchen is, above all else, a place to cook, entertain and unwind with loved ones. Incorporating innovations into your new designer kitchen allows you to not only make better use of existing space but to create new space and let your personal taste to shine through.

If you’re a passionate chef, add extra storage to your kitchen, like incorporated knife frames and pull out larders to access the things you need quickly. Or, if you use your kitchen to entertain guests and want to create a stylish yet functional space, consider the addition of wireless phone chargers, extra power sockets and even built-in soundbars – a sleek and convenient venue for gatherings of any kind.

Settling on a style for your monochrome kitchen

Will your new monochrome kitchen be modern, handleless or traditional? The answer will depend on the style of your home, your requirements and the requirements of the people you share it with, and your unique taste and preference.

Shaker monochrome kitchens

Our Shaker Kitchens are an excellent option if you’re looking for a timeless, traditional kitchen design which works as stylishly in monochrome as it does in natural materials. Choose a classic wooden worktop to soften the sharp contrast of your monochrome kitchen panels and tiles, or make use of marble for a traditional kitchen finish that will never go out of fashion.

Modern monochrome kitchens

Though black, white and grey work wonderfully in traditional kitchens, monochrome is synonymous with modern minimalism. Our modern kitchens are available in a range of monochrome finishes which never compromise on homeliness, comfort or convenience.

If you’re designing a modern monochrome kitchen, make use of our selection of sleek granite and marble worktops and high gloss finish kitchen cabinets.

Handleless Monochrome Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are a great way to create a sleek, contemporary look in any home. Take a clean line of white kitchen units and combine with a matt black sink or tap for statement look. Charcoal and Grey units work really well too.

Choosing colours for your monochrome kitchen

When it comes time to decide how you’ll use colour in your monochrome kitchen, there are several options available to you. The colours you choose will have a significant influence on the way your kitchen turns out, so consider what’s going to work best in your home before you jump in.

The more natural choice is a predominantly white kitchen, such as Magnet’s Luna White, which allows you to make the most of the light in your space. The flowing lines and simple yet sharp white gloss design is complemented by the contrasting black tiles and worktops.

Although sometimes trickier to execute, a black or dark colour scheme is the more unusual option for sophisticated elegance in your kitchen. The Integra Soho in Charcoal is an excellent example of this. Try mixing up bold, dark colours with a variety of textures – matt black walls and sleek jet-black granite worktops add depth.

There are several elements to consider when you’re colour planning, including:

The colour of your kitchen worktops

When you’re designing a monochrome kitchen, one of the critical decisions you’ll make is the colour and finish of your worktops. Whether your style leans you towards granite, solid wood or laminate, you probably have a material and finish in mind – the key consideration is whether you’re going to go dark with your worktops or keep it light.

Choosing flooring

Contrast dark cabinets and worktops with a light wood flooring to inject freshness into your space and underpin your monochrome kitchen with brightness. Alternatively, if your monochrome kitchen makes use of white cabinets, choose dark stone or tile flooring to give it an industrial edge. Remember, it’s all about balance and emphasising either dark or light.

The colour and finish of your kitchen cabinets

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when you’re designing your new monochrome kitchen – the colour and finish of your cabinets. Whether you prefer ultra-modern gloss cabinets or a timeless matt finish, the look you choose will be dependent on your personal style and the tone of your home.

Finding the right kitchen appliances

When you’ve settled on the right worktops, flooring and cabinets for your space, choose kitchen appliances to compliment the colours of the monochrome space you’ve designed.

Adding colour accents to your monochrome kitchen

With a monochrome kitchen, you aren’t limited to just black, white and grey accessories and materials. There are plenty of places that you can inject a little colour into a monochrome kitchen, and it’s a fun way to represent your personal style. Try a copper hood or taps for an understated addition, or make use of bright hues in kitchen appliances like your kettle, toaster and fridge.

Monochrome kitchen ranges by Magnet

Are you ready to bring your monochrome kitchen to life? Our monochrome kitchens are minimalist, refined and ultra-stylish.


The matt white Luna kitchen is light, bright and versatile. This kitchen design makes use of white cabinets and a clean white worktop that will never go out of style, while appliances in matt black draw the eye and create stunning kitchen features. Luna is also available in white gloss, graphite and matt grey.


The Nova Slate kitchen contrasts dark grey base cabinets with lighter elements for a striking monochrome effect. To switch the tone of a Nova monochrome kitchen entirely, choose matt white doors, which work alongside the lighter aspects of Nova to create a brilliantly bright and welcoming space.

Integra Dunham
Integra Dunham kitchens boast modernity in every detail, with handleless cabinets that create a beautiful minimalist finish and really stand out from the crowd. While the Integra Dunham is available in a whole range of exiting hues, our monochrome options are timeless and stunning in appearance. The Integra Dunham White combines classic white shaker doors with matt black accessories and wooden worktops to create a finish that’s sleek with an industrial edge.

Integra Soho
The Integra Soho is a contemporary kitchen with striking, handleless slab doors. Though it’s available in a range of colours, the Integra Soho Charcoals combines a dark laminate worktop with a cool gunmetal sink and tap, light wooden flooring and light walls, to create a dark yet bright monochrome finish.

Take a look at our gallery images for a little more visual inspiration – no matter what your taste, there’s a monochrome kitchen out there just waiting to be discovered by you.

Nova Matt Slate Sink

Monochrome Kitchen Favourites

Luna Matt White

This sleek handleless kitchen is perfectly on trend, when paired with black accessories.

Integra Dunham Charcoals

The contemporary Shaker front combined with a handleless cabinet is a modern twist on a traditional kitchen.

Nova Matt Slate

A slightly softer take on monochrome, this kitchen suits any home.

Dunham Dove Grey

A traditional Shaker kitchen in a muted grey shade. What's not to love?