Making the Most of Plinth Space

Plinth Drawer

Space is at a premium in most kitchens and if it isn’t, then you probably haven’t got enough stuff! Given that one of the most common complaints about a kitchen is the lack of storage, we have to use all available space, and that often means on top of the cupboards as well as the very highest shelves. Now it’s fine to put stuff up there that we don’t use very often, but you will need it occasionally or you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

So the next problem is that you need to find a chair or a stool to stand on. This is what most of us do and it’s probably not the safest way of fetching things. Or perhaps you have young children who want to help you cook or prepare food and they can’t reach the worktop without something to stand on.

Once again the team at Magnet has thought of a way round this problem. And, once again, it’s really very simple.

A small foldaway ladder that lives in a drawer. See, I told you it was simple. But this is even better because it will fit along the kickboard, or plinth, so you don’t even need to clear a drawer that may be full of things already. This lives in what would otherwise be dead space.

It folds out really easily and, most importantly, it’s safe to stand on because that is what it was designed for. Unlike the stool and the chair that you were using before.

Now you can reach the vase on the top shelf so you can arrange those gorgeous flowers you were given, while your children can reach the sink to do the washing up. All you have to do is drink the cup of tea they made you first.

Kitchen design made simple.