Top 3 Tips to Create a Flexible, Efficient Kitchen

Expert advice from Jen Stanbrook


Most of us dream of having a kitchen that fulfils all of our needs. A space that works hard for us, providing maximised space, clever storage and copious amounts of preparation area. If we have inherited a kitchen from a previous home owner, it’s likely that the room doesn’t work perfectly for our requirements, and if we have a family, that ever changing dynamic puts pressure on even the best design.

So how do we create a flexible, efficient kitchen? What are the main elements that will help us achieve the best from our space? It’s actually simpler than you think. Just follow my easy tips even if you’re planning a new kitchen, or updating your current one.

Layout – This has always been at the forefront of any kitchen design and needs to be first thing you consider, well maybe after the overall style. Work with the space you have to create a layout that minimises the distance between key appliances. The hob, fridge and sink should form that important triangle, but take it further than that and think about incorporating plenty of worktop space for food preparation, and multi-height bars for eating. Creating a social space is incredibly important to the way we now live our lives.

Flexible Solutions – The way we live often changes. New jobs, a new schedule, evolving family and visiting friends all affects how we use our homes, the kitchen in particular. Understanding this when you commence a new kitchen project is crucial to ensuring the design will grow and adapt with you. Flexible solutions like Magnet Kitchen’s new Shelf Plus are integral to the modern kitchen space. Shelf Plus is a stylish yet practical shelving solution that allows you to create a bespoke, customised unit to suit your needs. Use it next to the sink for washing up essentials, for storing your knives and cookery equipment, your herbs, tea and coffee pots, or add shelves for a clutter free worktop. And if your needs change, it can be easily moved to another part of the room, re-customised and restyled.

Clever Storage – Creating a perfect kitchen is easy if you just let your imagination run free. Last time on the blog, I talked about the innovative Cabinet Plus that stores all of your essentials in a hidden shelving system behind your kitchen cupboards. Features like these help to create that flexible, efficient kitchen we all desire. Display drawers, bookcases, shelving and well organised cupboards all help to keep surfaces free of clutter and enable the best use of the space. Never underestimate how much storage you will need; be generous in your planning.

The way in which you use your kitchen throughout its lifetime will alter significantly, so designing an adaptable, flexible room that works hard to provide you the best solution is imperative. Being able to alter the kitchen when you need to makes your home a much more rewarding space, and is much easier to achieve than you might think.