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An introduction to metallic luxe design

This trend is a chance to take a leap of faith and go all out, embracing metallic accessories and jewel tones to create a daring yet sophisticated space.

Integra Hoxton Kitchen from Magnet available in metallic midnight blue. Smooth slab doors and a painted effect finish.

The metallic luxe concept comprises luxurious tones and textures that can completely envelope any interior space.

It utilises exuberant metallic finishes and sleek, polished accents to create an immersive environment that overflows with a royal sense of sophistication and glamour.

An introduction to metallic luxe

The metallic luxe concept focuses immensely on materiality to convey a feeling of luxurious depth, without relying too heavily on a specific colour palette.

Metallic luxe mixes rich metals like gold, brass, nickel and stainless steel with luxe colours and materials.

Shiny gold decor elements combined with gemstone hues like sapphire blues, emerald greens and rich reds lend any space a high-end, luxurious feel.

While the idea of embracing metal furniture and fixtures might seem a little daunting at first, as the gleam of shiny metal immediately commands attention, a few cleverly placed metal accents can highlight favourite areas and design features in your kitchen – without making your space feel like a set piece.


Metallic luxe in the kitchen

Incorporating precious materials like veined marble, crystal glassware, leather and ornate furniture takes this opulent interior design concept one step further.

Marble or marble effect worktops, with their rich colours and veining, evoke associations of classical grandeur and timeless style. White marble worktops and rose gold accessories make for a stunningly sophisticated combination, with a touch of femininity.

For a more industrial take on this aesthetic, iron or nickel décor elements and a luxury hardwood like oak can create a winning combination of tone and texture, with the organic warmth of timber playing off the cooler iron. Solid, oak worktops with a nickel tap and kitchen handles are a great way add a sophisticated, contemporary feel to a space.

With the metallic luxe trend, it’s all about the small details and accessories.

Kitchen handles are often referred to as the ‘jewellery of the kitchen’, and it’s easy to see why. Adding on-trend brass or copper handles to your kitchen cupboards and drawers will add a touch of glamour to your space.

For more subtle, traditional styling, antique brass handles are a great way to tap into the metallic luxe trend.

Velvet throws and cushions on seating invite a touch of opulent elegance into your space – and are sure to impress guests when entertaining. 100% cotton tea towels and crystal glassware also provide perfect finishing touches to your luxe kitchen.

When designing around a traditional setting, warm taupe walls will pair perfectly with our Midnight Metallic doors. They add a gentle element of grandeur which is often associated with quintessential Parisian interiors. Elaborately carved mouldings and tall French windows will help to reinforce the opulence of this trend further.

Bold brass accents and modern geometric patterns can elevate a more contemporary space, by taking influence from the Art Deco movement – which heavily features decadent styling and brushed or polished metals.

Integra Hoxton Kitchen from Magnet available in metallic midnight blue. Smooth slab doors and a painted effect finish.

If you’re working with a darker interior, consider how to incorporate light into the space – whether through a feature curved or detailed window, or by introducing artificial warmth with an array of electric lighting.

Under cabinet lighting solutions are extremely useful in order to highlight a specific feature of the kitchen, whilst simultaneously adding a hint of golden warmth to the interior scheme. A large pendant light hung above the kitchen island is also a great opportunity to introduce brass accents within eye-level – creating a warmth and inviting atmosphere.

Rippled glass cabinetry, high gloss tiles or even polished stone surfaces can add a secondary visual layer to your kitchen. These elements will help to reflect and bounce light throughout the space, to achieve a glimmering sense of movement.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when creating your metallic luxe kitchen. This is a style that’s all about being bold – embracing metallic and jewel colours and tones to create a truly luxurious space.

Browse out range of kitchen accessories to find finishing touches that will make your kitchen shimmer, or book a free Design Consultation with your personal Magnet designer to start creating your own metallic luxe kitchen.