Rustic Kitchen Ideas Buying Guide

Invite warmth and cosiness into your home with a rustic kitchen

With an emphasis on natural materials and an understated colour palette, rustic kitchen design is all about creating an informal space that feels relaxed and homely. However, that doesn’t mean your décor can’t be design-led. With the right mix of materials and a functional layout, you can create something spectacular.

Rustic kitchens are a versatile choice for those that love both contemporary and traditional styling. Depending on your preferences, you could incorporate elements of industrial design or cottage-style décor. Natural materials are always at the forefront, with very few minimalist or humanmade components.

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation and want to introduce a touch of country style to your space, discover our rustic kitchen ideas to get your project started.

Considering the layout of your rustic kitchen

When planning a remodel, it’s crucial to think about your kitchen layout first.

The layout will influence the type of elements you can include in your design, as well as the features and functions you can incorporate. Your kitchen size will also be a deciding factor. However, there are plenty of rustic kitchen ideas for small kitchens out there too.

It’s a good idea to think about your lifestyle requirements as well as your kitchen layout. Whether you love experimenting with new recipes or hosting dinner parties for friends and family, you’ll want to consider the ways you’re going to use your new space.

Rustic kitchens are social spaces that bring people together, so it’s worth thinking about elements that invite comfort and cosiness.

Breakfast bar

A rustic breakfast bar is an ideal choice for those that don’t have space for a full dining table in their kitchen. Opt for real wood materials with metallic accents for an on-trend update to your rustic kitchen design.

Dining Table

A solid wood dining table is an ideal choice for your rustic kitchen décor. Consider creating an open plan kitchen diner if you have space, as this will help to introduced a relaxed ambience to your kitchen area.

Kitchen Island

A solid wood dining table is an ideal choice for your rustic kitchen décor. Consider creating an open plan kitchen diner if you have space, as this will help to introduced a relaxed ambience to your kitchen area.

Adding rustic materials to your kitchen

The materials you choose have a significant impact on the overall aesthetics of your space. For a rustic feel, avoid synthetic materials, chrome, and very glossy finishes. Typically, you would usually choose:

  • Natural wood (you might mix your wood types too)
  • Rough-hewn stone
  • Metals (like copper, brushed brass, steel, and powder-coated metals)
  • Ceramics, pottery, and terracotta
  • Fabrics (like curtains or rugs)


Getting creative is key to creating the perfect rustic kitchen. Mix and match your textures to create a layered effect and don’t be afraid to incorporate a range of different styles. There are no set rules, so it’s up to your style preferences.


Choosing your colour palette

Your colour palette is another vital consideration. Traditional kitchens often stick to a neutral colour palette. However, you may want to experiment if you would prefer to create a modern rustic kitchen design.

You may want to consider:

  • Neutral shades like cream, white, grey, and beige, which are common in rustic kitchen spaces
  • Warm tones like rust, cinnamon, terracotta, burgundy, and muted orange
  • Earthy hues like mushroom, mahogany, ash, walnut, sage, or pastel blue
  • Colourful accents like dark green, yellow, blue, red, and other bold colours

Whether you want to stick to a classic neutral colour palette or bring in bright hues, there are plenty of ways to experiment. Consider your style when choosing your design and get ready to be creative. Remember that patterns often work well in rustic kitchens too, so you may want to bring in prints as well as colour to your kitchen design.

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