Introducing Magnet Create

If you think we’re about to show a load of fancy new kitchen cabinet colours, well, you’re half right. Introducing Magnet Create. 20 colours created by us, inspired by life. Consisting of 5 standard colours, and 15 brand new colours which are painted to order, the new colours in Magnet Create have been selected not just for how they make your kitchen look, but how they make you feel.

Use our interactive configurator to find the colour that suits your family.

Feeling inspired? Good. Now you’ve seen our 20 colourful stories, all that’s left to do is write your own. See the different options within our Magnet Create range below, and get closer to making your dream kitchen part of the family.

Colours you can feel

Forget everything you know about colour. We’ve reinvented it. And we have a feeling you’re going to love it. You won’t find these colours in the rainbow. But you will find them in your new kitchen. Each one has been expertly created and named so you can feel them when you say them. Like Forest Walk. Or Pass The Merlot. Because we know colour is way more than just a colour. It’s a memory. A taste. A smell. And a mood. And with Magnet Create, we have 20 glorious ones for you to choose from.

5 Stunning standard colours

Soho Midnight


Magnet Create - Sky


Soho Grey


Soho Dove Grey

Dove grey

Soho White



Soho Pass The Merlot

Pass the merlot

Soho Rose Bowl

Rose bowl

Soho Lilac Blossom

Lilac blossom

Soho Seagrass


Soho Pistachio


Soho Green Olives

Green olives

Soho Forest Walk

Forest walk

Soho Pilot Blue

Pilot blue

Soho Charcoals


Soho Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds

Soho Truffle Oil

Truffle oil

Soho Pebble Path

Pebble path

Soho Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere sweater

Soho Washed Cotton

Washed cotton

Soho Fresh Linen

Fresh linen

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Explore the stories behind our colours

Our 20 new colours were created by us, inspired by life. Except we don’t just want you to look at them. You could do that in any kitchen brochure. We want you to feel them. Really feel them. And maybe taste them. Or even smell some of them. So much so, you could see them with your eyes shut. So, get comfy. Grab your senses. And bring your imagination with you. Because we’ve got 20 colourful stories to tell. Click below to explore.

Soho Midnight



Picture a blue.
Deeper than that.
And a little deeper than that.
More magical than navy.
Less lively than cobalt.
Like a mature Facebook blue.
Like the colour of the night sky in kids’ bedtime stories.
If you’ve ever been skinny dipping at 4am, yes, that’s the one.
Like the magic moment.
Just as the clock strikes.
It’s enchanting. Deep.
Ready to get lost in.
And you can find it in your kitchen.

Soho Sky



We only have to say it and you can see it.
Now embrace that blue.
This is the best blue.
This blue is served sunny side up.
It’s innocent. Positive. And ridiculously good to be around.
This blue is for the dreamers.
The believers.
It makes anyone’s glass half full.
It’s the painted sky on the picture they brought home from school.
It’s a cool swimming pool on a baking hot day.
The blue you remember from lying on the grass looking up to the sky.
Spotting clouds that looked like animals.
This is the kind of blue from a vivid dream.
Except now it’s a reality.
And it’s in your kitchen.

Soho Dove Grey
Dove Grey

Dove Grey

Dove Grey

Picture the colour grey.
Now forget it.
Because we’ve got a whole new grey you’re going to fall in love with.
This is grey but not as you know it.
This grey is not to be underestimated.
This grey is going places.
It’s gorgeous.
It almost glimmers.
It’s a grey that’s more than OK.
Like a sharp suit.
Or a scarf you’ve had your eye on.
Grey no longer means rainy day.
It means business.  
And now you don’t have to wait for a rainy day to enjoy it.
You can just go in your new kitchen.

Soho White



You’d think there’s not much we can say about white.
But you’d be wrong.
For the least colourful colour,
It’s got a whole lot going for it.
White’s supportive.
White’s got your back.
White makes everything OK.
It’s your comfort blanket.
It’s pure. Presidential. It knows it’s place.
White takes you back to your wedding day.
To your first born.                                
It looks like making snow angels feels.
White’s a proud moment.
Not a cop-out.
It’s the blank canvas of life.
And for a colour that’s not really a colour.
It’s pretty special.
Just like your new kitchen cupboards.

Soho Pass The Merlot
Pass the Merlot

Pass the Merlot

Pass the Merlot

You know that feeling on a Friday night at 7.02pm?
When the week has done its worst.
The out of office is firmly on.
And work is 62 glorious hours away.
Tonight. It’s time.
Time for ships in the night to regroup.
Time for shoes to be kicked into closets.
Time to put the world to rights over pasta and a cheeky little Merlot.
Nothing to get up for.
And nowhere you need to be.
You know the feeling we mean?
That’s the colour of your new kitchen cupboard.

Soho Rose Bowl
Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl

Rose Bowls

It’s hard to pin down one moment this
colour takes you back to.
Because it’s subtly snuck into many over the years.
That wedding you went to in summer.
The pink G&Ts and picnics in the park.
The mini marshmallows you put on the hot chocolate
at your daughter’s first sleepover.
This isn’t a colour that boasts.
It blossoms.
It’s humble.
It doesn’t ask for attention but it gets it.
People can’t help but ask;
‘Where did you get that from?’
Well, get used to the compliments.
Because it’s the colour of your new kitchen cabinets.
And you got them from Magnet.

Soho Lilac Blossom
Lilac Blossom

Lilac Blossom

Lilac Blossom

Remember when you were a kid.
It didn’t take much to impress you.
The best things in life were free.
Every day was a sweet shop of new experiences.
But you’ll never forget this day.
When you were in the back seat of your parents’ car.
And you noticed it for the very first time.
You’d never seen anything like it.
Your mouth opened wide in wonder.
This was cherry blossom.
And it blew your mind with its beauty.
Now take that memory.
Mix it with the smell of fresh lavender.
Add some family life in full bloom.
And you’ve got the colour of your new kitchen cabinets.

Soho Green Olives
Green Olives

Green Olives

Green Olives

Another first date.
You considered staying in.
But a bit of lippy later you were good to go.
He picked you up.
And from 3 minutes, 45 seconds in.
You knew.
Knew that this one was different.
Knew this could right all the wrong ones.
You were both too nervous to eat.
So you picked at some delicious, juicy, green olives.
This colour looks like those butterflies felt.
Exciting. Moreish. Right.
And as you sit back in your perfect kitchen,
and watch family life unfold.
You’re not just glad you picked the olives.

Soho Forest Walk
Forest Walk

Forest Walk

Forest Walk

Take a deep breath and think of Sunday morning.
At around 11.30am.
It’s everyone’s favourite time of the week.
Eggs Benedict has been devoured.
Cartoons have been watched.
The sun has got his hat on.
It’s time to explore.
Grab the dog, and your wellies.
Pass go, and collect some conkers.
Then conquer the woods and beyond.
The leaves aren’t yet crunchy.
But the puddles are desperate to be jumped in.
This makes any other time of the week green with envy.
Forest green, in fact.

Soho Pilot Blue
Pilot Blue

Pilot Blue

Pilot Blue

You’re on a plane, just about to take off.
You treated yourself in duty free.
That’s the rule.
You’re on your holidays, after all.
Well, almost.
After take-off.
You get out your book.
And settle into your seat.
The seat belt signs go off.
Relief takes over.
And any stress goes out of the window.
The same window that now frames pure, blue sky.
This marks what you’ve been waiting for all year.
This is the opposite of holiday blues.
This looks like hearing your holiday song feels.
And now you can recreate it without leaving the house.

Soho Charcoals



Remember that weekend away?
When you made a pact to find somewhere without Wi-Fi?
When you went back to basics.
Just you two.
And a cottage where no one could find you.
You searched for the perfect place.
And then you spotted the fire.
The crackling, cosy, coal-filled fire.
You packed your bags.
Headed over there.
Switched off.
And put your cosy socks on.
You arrived burnt out.
But you left brand new.
It wasn’t just the fire you reignited that night.
And you can ignite that feeling every single day of the week.

Soho Coffee Grounds
Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

This feels like those moments in life.
You know the ones we’re talking about.
The chin wags that go on for hours.
The phone call from your broken-hearted best mate.
The morning after the rough night’s sleep.
It’s a little bit Cappuccino.
Lighter than Americano.
Darker than a Flat White.
This colour puts the world to rights.
It helps picks up the pieces.
This colour is your, well, cup of coffee.
It feels like a long warm cuddle off someone you love.
It’s a colour you wouldn’t mind waking up to.
And now you can.
Every single day.

It's time to create your colour story

All of our Magnet Create colours are available in our Dunham and Soho ranges, which are also available in a handleless style. Explore the kitchen ranges below.