Shaker kitchens

Timeless, classic style

Our stylish Shaker kitchens pose a contemporary twist on a timeless classic. Featuring the traditional square framing with a recessed centre panel, this renowned style remains both versatile and elegant.


Looking for a different style? If a Shaker style kitchen isn’t quite what you’re looking for, check out our Modern and Handleless kitchens to find your perfect match.

How to style a shaker kitchen

Shaker style kitchens stand at the forefront of classic kitchen design and for good reason. Universally loved for their clean lines, understated elegance and classic style, they are both a timeless and versatile design addition into any home. Although shaker style kitchens are inherently conventional through their neutral colour scheme and natural material elements, you may choose to further lean into this traditional style by incorporating beading and antique effect hardware into your kitchen design, through brushed brass handles and door knobs. Wooden shaker kitchens evoke both a perpetual and traditional country design - oak and timber finishes can either be applied across the full kitchen or a feature in one area of the room. Consider blending a combination of integrated and on-show appliances to maintain the traditional feel of your kitchen space. 

If you are looking to transform the design of your kitchen space with a contemporary feel, opt for dual-toned and modern coloured shaker kitchen cabinets, open shelving and kitchen islands. For smaller spaces, you should consider leaning towards softer hues and lighter-coloured units. Larger kitchen spaces may consider opting for darker colour palettes - inky blues and forest greens blended with natural materials. Beams, exposed brick walls and pendant lighting add an extra modern nuance, without disrupting the minimalist feel of your space. Explore more shaker design ideas and book a design consultation today. Meet your designer in-store or online to chat through your options and start creating your ideal modern shaker kitchen, today.

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