Planar Grey kitchen

Undoubtedly the most modern kitchen of the Planar range, the Planar Grey makes a feature of minimalism. It has a high gloss finish and smooth kitchen cabinets featuring stylishly grooved integrated handles, it combines the current grey kitchen trend with a touch of space-age retro styling. Combine it with bold feature wall colours or tiled splashbacks for a contemporary design that’s bound to stand the test of time. Bring your kitchen into the 21st Century, with Planar Grey.

Planar Grey
Project Yellow
AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

innovations The Coffee Unit

Available colors and materials

  • Planar White

    Planar White
  • Planar Cream

    Planar Cream
  • Planar Grey

    Planar Grey

Also available in

Planar Cameo 1
Planar 2
Planar 3
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