Planar Cream kitchen

Our Planar Cream kitchen proudly achieves what so many contemporary kitchens fail to- a deep sense of richness and comfort. The cool sleekness of gloss is offset by the warmth of cream toned doors and solid oak worktops. Integrated handles ramp up the modern vibe, while optional curved cabinets bring it right back down to earth with a soft landing. This kitchen will add a touch of style and magic to any home.

Magnet Kitchens Planar Cream
Astracast Illusion 1.0B Sink

Innovations The Show and Hide sink

Available colors and materials

  • Planar Cream

    Planar Cream
  • Planar White

    Planar White
  • Planar Grey

    Planar Grey

Also available in

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Planar 2
Planar 3
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