Meteor Grey kitchen

The Meteor Grey design combines two of the most fashionable trends in kitchens

right now – grey tones and a matt finish. Grey kitchens in this style match with almost any interior design tastes, pairing gorgeously with deep, sultry feature colours or muted tones with metallic detailing. Either choice instils a sense of cool sophistication. The modern Meteor Grey kitchen displayed features a Hickory square edge worktop, which starkly contrasts the metallic pendant lights and brings the entire design back down to earth.

Integra Meteor Grey
Project Yellow
Astracast Illusion 1.0B Sink

Innovations The Show and Hide sink

Available colors and materials

  • Meteor Grey

    Meteor Grey
  • Meteor Light Grey

    Meteor Light Grey
  • Meteor Blue

    Meteor Blue
  • Meteor Cashmere

    Meteor Cashmere

Also available in

Meteor Cameo 1
Meteor Cameo 2
Meteor Cameo 3
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