Luna White kitchen

White kitchens are perfect for those with modern tastes, and Luna White is no exception. With its flowing lines completely unbroken by handles, this pure and simple white gloss design is sharp, appealing and refreshingly unfussy. Contrast it with black tiles and worktops for an on-trend urban look that sits harmoniously with industrially styled homes. But the Luna White is versatile enough to suit any style. Browse our kitchens to find inspiration or speak with your designer to discover more unique kitchen combinations.

Magnet Kitchens Luna White
Project Yellow
AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

innovations The Coffee Unit

Available colors and materials

  • Luna Cream

    Luna Cream
  • Luna White

    Luna White
  • Luna Cashmere

    Luna Cashmere
  • Luna Matt Grey

    Luna Matt Grey

Also available in

Luna Cameo 1
Luna Cameo 2
Luna Cameo 3
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