Create Colours

Create Colours is our curated collection of 20 paint-to-order shades that balance natural tones, subtle hues and statement colours – giving you the power to choose what works for you.


White is at once a singularly versatile colour, and no colour at all. Achromatic, white has no hue, making it the perfect canvas upon which to experiment. White opens up a space, reflecting all sources of light and evoking a sense of lofty, airy expansiveness. Bringing true neutrality to a room, it is easily paired with a wide range of colour pigments.


Our clean, original White colourway is a timeless classic. An endlessly popular choice that never goes out of style and opens the door to a multitude of kitchen styling and décor options.

Fresh Linen

Slightly more subtle and calming, Fresh Linen provides all the versatility of White with just a suggestion of warmth – creating a light, tranquil space.


Gentle, calming and subtle, neutral colours bring a tonal richness to a room while also acting as the perfect background for mixing. Neutrals act to intensify other hues, framing accent colours by softening the wider environment. Easy on the eye and complementary to more vivid pigments, neutrals imbue a space with a soothingly versatile look.

Cashmere Sweater

With only the slightest hint of pink, Cashmere Sweater promises muted warmth and adaptability that allows for sleek modernity or a contemporary classic feel.

Truffle Oil

Duskier and somewhat more striking than Pebble Path, Truffle Oil brings a sense of understated glamour to a space, invoking a subtle luxury and richness.

Pebble Path

A true neutral, our Pebble Path colourway creates a beautifully natural zone that carries an airy softness in the warmer seasons and an inviting cosiness in winter.

Warm Tones

Warm tones are all about creating a sense of vibrancy, a metaphorical blanket of cosy colour. Reds are striking and provocative, perfect for making a statement and a lasting impression. Pinks by contrast are gentler, creating softer, more subtle spaces and speaks of love, nurture and sometimes, femininity.

Lilac Blossom

Pretty in pastel, our Lilac Blossom colourway evokes a light airiness that creates a calm sense of serenity while injecting a delicate pop of colour. Perfect with white and metallic accents.

Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl is a sophisticated shade of pink that can be balanced with darker blue or grey tones for a refined colourful palette or paired with whites for a lighter, more feminine feel.


Grey tones are charmingly uncomplicated. Adding style and simplicity to any room, if used with a careful flourish they can create an air of high-end luxury and sophistication in any space. Ideal for making rooms seem less cluttered, greys are a perfect choice for simplifying what could otherwise be an overly busy design style.

Dove Grey

An ever-popular colourway, Dove Grey brings a light, clean feel to the kitchen space. It works well as the backdrop for splashes of colour and with whites for a simpler design.


Sumptuously dark and effortlessly composed, Charcoals give a sense of dramatic poise and daring boldness that has a striking impact on any space.


Blues bring a sense of calm and deep serenity while also tapping into ideas of enhanced concentration and creativity. It’s a great stand-alone accent when used amongst neutrals, whites and greys, but also works beautifully when used as a backdrop against pops of contrasting, vibrant colours such as ochres, terracottas or rose pinks.


Sumptuously dark and effortlessly composed, Charcoals give a sense of dramatic poise and daring boldness that has a striking impact on any space.

Voyage Blue

Inspired by the ocean, the hint of green tones in Voyage Blue make it all the more interesting in the kitchen, bringing a level of confidence and sophistication.

Pilot Blue

A bluish shade of grey, Pilot Blue can be styled to add a splash of colour or paired back to create a clean, uncluttered aesthetic – similar to that of grey tones.


One of our more popular colourways, Midnight is a contemporary classic. Deep and dramatic, its versatility makes it easy to style for a choice of different looks.

Aqua Greens

Aqua greens offer refreshing, uplifting tones that imbue a space with a sense of tranquillity, while aqua blues are more energising and vibrant, giving a room a more vivacious, animated feel. Aquas are nothing if not versatile; bright and cheerful, muted and understated, it all depends on the hue and the way you deploy it.

Washed Cotton

With only the most subtle pigment of aqua green, Washed Cotton injects a faintly playful edge to an otherwise muted, uncluttered look.


Colourful in all the right ways, our Seagrass colourway plays with the boundary between bold and subtle, bringing a dynamic lightness that never fails to shine.


Greens can be used as a blend of multiple shades or in combination with other soothing colours to create a restorative effect. The versatility of green enables it to be both contemporary and authentically traditional, for example using more muted tones to bring a feeling of tranquillity or more statement greens to create a sense of drama.

Misty Moors

Earthy, muted and irrepressibly natural in feel, Misty Moors allows us to bring the outdoors in through its understated green tones – creating a refined, contemporary design.

Forest Walk

Deep and mysterious, Forest Walk has a rich quality that translates into an overarching feeling of luxury that is irrepressible. A fan-favourite colourway that’s here to stay.

Green Olives

Green Olives is both earthy and contemporary in tone. It pairs perfectly with other earthy shades and effortlessly injects sophisticated colour into the kitchen space.

Ludlow in Arboretum

Arboretum Green

Our newly released rich hue - Arboeteum Green is an elegantly bold space with a whimsical, modern twist. The perfect backdrop to sumptuous velvets, playful accessories and brass accents.

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