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What is a one wall kitchen?

Discover our one-wall kitchen design ideas. This functional layout will help you maximise your existing space, while allowing you to showcase your style.

Luna Kitchen from Magnet. An affordable handless look with integrated J Pull doors for a stylish and modern look.

Single wall kitchens are a great solution when space is at a premium. 

Utilising one wall for countertops and cabinetry means you can consolidate all of your major kitchen workstations into one area, with zero fuss - while controlling your budget. 

This simple kitchen layout can work well in larger kitchens too, giving you the perfect method of sectioning within an open plan design, and also making room for other important family functions such as dining or relaxing. 

If you want something effortless and affordable that’s super easy to manage, a single-walled kitchen could fit in with your lifestyle. 

Here are some of our best one wall kitchen ideas to inspire your kitchen design project.

Nordic Nature. Modern wooden kitchen design with a Nordic influence. Featured floating worktops, a ribbed plinth and rounded end panels.

Benefits of single wall kitchens

Having your kitchen located across a single wall helps you achieve a sleek and contemporary look in a simple, unassuming way. 

As an alternative to traditional large kitchens that are more spread out, this layout is much more conducive to modern life.

For people with busy lifestyles, this style of kitchen offers efficiency and the potential for seamless integration. As well as looking clean and polished, there are many benefits to choosing a one-walled kitchen layout.

Compact size

The biggest advantage of this layout is being able to achieve a compact one wall kitchen

If you love the idea of an open-plan home, this style of kitchen could work well for you - even when space is tight.

When planned effectively, a compact one wall kitchen will conserve space by having all work areas (such as the cooker, sink and refrigerator) along the same wall. 

This layout leaves ample room for a kitchen island or dining table, or perhaps a lounge area with a chillout zone. 

Tatton Kitchen by Magnet. A beautiful easy to use kitchen with traditional features with stylish modern touches.

Cost effective

Another major benefit of choosing a single wall kitchen is affordability. This style of kitchen is significantly cheaper to construct than galley kitchens or other popular layouts. 

Complete with a straightforward design and fewer materials, one-walled kitchens are a budget-friendly option that can still look premium. 

With a smaller kitchen space, you can splash out on marble worktops and luxury flooring to achieve a high-end finish in a much smaller area. 

Easy to install

As well as being cheaper to install, this kitchen design also takes less work and labour to complete.

This means that the turnaround time is faster, causing less disruption to your home. 

Additionally, the design process is simplified, making it easier for you to choose all the finishes and features you want.

Magnet Kitchens 2021 Nordic Nature range with Fluted oak doors and Integra Hoxton Pebble cabinets with Dekton Aeri worktop. Open plan kitchen living area in Scandi style.

Needs less maintenance 

Smaller kitchens require less cleaning and have minimal upkeep. If you don’t have time to manage a large traditional family kitchen, this design style makes a lot of sense. 

It’s hugely popular with busy working professionals who like to rustle up a quick meal when they get home - and it’s also perfect for busy families where one person usually does the cooking. 

Disadvantages of single wall kitchens

While one wall kitchen ideas can transform your home, there are some limitations to think about. Here are some reasons why it may not be the right kitchen design for you:

Size restrictions

Having your kitchen on a single wall is convenient and can create an efficient workflow for cooking, cleaning and food prep. But it can also be restricting in terms of extra features, meaning you will need to stick with the most basic functions. 

It also means you need to maximise the space you have with well-thought-out storage solutions.

Integra Dunham Kitchen by Magnet. Premium painted matt finish with unique door style available in 20 colours.

Single-person kitchen

Got multiple cooks in the home? Then a small kitchen layout may not work for you. The single wall style provides the most value when there is usually just one person using the kitchen. 

If you’re keen to have more work surfaces to allow for a second user, a one wall kitchen with island could be worth considering. 

Can affect resale value

Unlike large open-plan kitchens or spacious kitchens with a traditional triangle layout, a one-walled kitchen may not give you the value boost you want for your property. 

This is because larger kitchens are usually highly desirable to buyers, making homes much more saleable. 

Despite this, there are many options at Magnet that allow you to create a premium kitchen, so you can still make the perfect impression when it comes to selling. 

Optimising a one wall layout

If you want to apply this kitchen concept in your home, here are some useful tips on maximising the compact nature of this layout style. 

Add open shelves in the design

Shelving is a great way of optimising vertical wall space, and open shelves are also a cheaper alternative to cabinets - helping your money go further and supplying you with a bigger budget to play around with for those luxury finishes. 

Floating shelves also have a very elegant, sleek and modern look. They take up less room, keep your kitchen area looking more open, and are fully customisable - ideal for those tight or awkward spaces. 

Pick a suitable colour palette

The right colour palette can make all of the difference when it comes to optimising your kitchen layout. 

If your room is small, a clean, minimalist look may work best to add the illusion of space and light - this can be achieved with a tonal colour palette or a harmonious colour palette. 

Alternatively, if you want to prevent your kitchen from looking flat and one-dimensional, using contrasting hues at the opposite ends of the colour wheel (a complementary colour palette) could be more suitable. 

Include a feature wall

To create a focal point, and to tie different elements of an open-plan room together, try adding a feature wall to your kitchen. 

Also known as accent walls, feature walls provide plenty of opportunities for you to experiment with colours, textures and patterns. It’s a quick and easy way to elevate a space, and can also be used to direct flow around the room. 

If you’re designing a multifunctional kitchen area (such as a kitchen-diner or kitchen and lounge), a well-positioned feature wall can effectively section off and divide space while delivering a pleasant ambience and conversation piece.

Choose integrated appliances

When it comes to making the single wall kitchen work in a small home, it’s important to maximise the space you have, ensuring you can perform all the necessary functions in your kitchen in the most efficient way. 

Integrated appliances not only save you space, but they also allow for seamless placement within your visual design concept, never disrupting the aesthetics, and making your overall room design much easier on the eye. 

Opting for integrated appliances when both floor and wall space is limited is a great way to make use of compact spaces - but be sure to invest in smart storage solutions so you don’t compromise on your key storage areas. 

Buy multifunctional furniture

One wall kitchen ideas work best when you can kill two birds with one stone. For instance, when you can save space - and money. 

Adding an island that doubles up as storage or opting for multi-purpose furniture are great ways of doing this. 

If you want to maximise floor space, a foldaway dining table or extending sideboard could come in handy. Kitchen worktops can also be fitted with an extender, giving you the option of adding a breakfast bar that can be hidden away once you’re done. 

For ergonomically challenged kitchens where space is at a premium, there are a number of seating options that also come with secret storage, helping you keep the area tidy and clutter-free.

Get inspired by image sharing sites like Pinterest, or take a look at our real-life customer kitchens, for an array of amazing ideas.

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