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The most searched-for celebrity kitchens

Let’s open the door to our favourite A-listers' homes! From actors to royals, these are the celebrity kitchens that the world is most curious to see.

The most googled celebrity kitchens in the world

Whether it’s for the sake of inspiration or curiosity, getting an insight into the homes of the rich and famous is fascinating for many of us. The kitchen is often one of the most captivating spaces to outsiders, as it can show off a great deal of personality since it’s the hub where our favourite stars eat, cook and entertain.

At Magnet, we’ve analysed the search volumes of over 1,500 of the most famous people in the world to see whose kitchen was being searched for most on Google. 

Our Head of Design, Lizzie Beesley, has also shared her advice on how to recreate some of the most popular celebrity kitchen designs - so you can get the A-list look in your home.

Ludlow kitchen. Our latest Shaker door, with a modern country-style. Available in all 20 Magnet Create colours.

The Top 20 Most Searched-for Celebrity Kitchens

From celebrities past and present, these are the kitchens the world is most interested to see.

Celebrities whose kitchens are in high (search) demand

The Kardashian-Jenners have an almost complete reign over the top spots when it comes to how many people search for their kitchens online.

 Kendall Jenner’s is in the top spot, with 10,780 monthly searches for this room in her house. Kim and Khloe Kardashian are also very high up, with 7,320 and 4,800 searches for their kitchens respectively.

British cleaning icon Mrs Hinch is also in the top five, with 2,600 monthly searches for what we assume is a meticulously clean kitchen. 

Sharing her top cleaning tips online and inspiring people all over the world to get into a better cleaning routine has evidently made her a big figure in the lifestyle world - fame that has converted into searches for her kitchen, apparently. 

Her kitchen’s search volumes are likely to increase as the Hinch family are set to move into their new countryside ‘Hinch Farm’ this year. As they begin building and redecorating their dream home, Sophie Hinch will be taking her followers and fans through a step-by-step development and build.

Ludlow kitchen. Our latest Shaker door, with a modern country-style. Available in all 20 Magnet Create colours.
Ludlow kitchen. Our latest Shaker door, with a modern country-style. Available in all 20 Magnet Create colours.

Celebrity chefs who are cooking up huge search numbers

It’s no surprise that celebrities who made their name in the kitchen are in our top 50. By looking at the kitchens of professional chefs, we may be able to get some inspiration for how best to layout our own kitchens, and maybe even gain some of the skills that they have when it comes to cooking. 

The top three most searched-for celebrity chef kitchens all hail from the UK. Gordon Ramsay is second overall, pipped at the post by Kendall Jenner. 

His kitchen sees 8,800 monthly searches, so people clearly want to know what’s going on in his home. Jamie Oliver is the next most-searched for chef, ranking at sixth place overall with his 2,570 searches a month. 

Nigella Lawson just misses out on the top ten, ranking 11th overall, with 1,440 searches a month for her kitchen on Google.

Celebrity Kitchen Styles and How to Recreate Them

Looking to celebrities’ kitchens can be a great source of inspiration when looking to redo your own space. There are different styles, different layouts and different colour schemes that you can take from these kitchens and replicate in your own home.

Kendall Jenner’s rustic kitchen is a tranquil paradise

It is no surprise supermodel and reality star, Kendall Jenner, has the world’s most searched for celebrity kitchen due to its unique yet functional design. For Kendall, her kitchen is the “most used room in the house”, and we can see exactly why. 

The space successfully incorporates a range of neutral tones and organic textures which wouldn’t be out of place in a UK country home, making it a rustic and cosy haven.

With natural materials contrasting against the striking paint colour, this is a technique that can be used in any kitchen to add some charm - even on a budget. From olive to seagrass, green kitchens are a great way to add natural tones to your home whilst also making a statement. As green is a versatile colour is a great match with white or black worktops, both of which Kendall has used in her space. The details of Kendall’s kitchen are also very important and add to the elegance of the design. Using copper finishings and cookware help effortlessly tie the contrasting colour scheme together.
Head of Design
Lizzie Beesley

Drake has gone extravagant with his kitchen design

The kitchen of Canadian music artist, Drake, is a marbled paradise. With an island as big as most kitchens alone, there’s no wonder people are curious to see this impressive space. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets and luxurious velvet chairs are what make this kitchen fit for a king. 


“While it may be difficult to recreate the grandeur of this space, anyone can take inspiration from this dramatic, decadent design by bringing together veined marble textures with sleek metal detailing and a pop of bold accent colours. If you love the look of marble but it's beyond your budget, then laminate kitchen worktops in marble-effect are the perfect solution.”
Lizzie Beesley
Head of Design

Nigella Lawson’s practical kitchen is a dream

As you would expect, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has a beautiful kitchen. Fully equipped with a bold green AGA with metallic silver splashback panels and a rail to keep her utensils close at hand, it is every chef's dream. The teal and pink cupboards add some whimsy to the space, and the huge fridge can easily fit enough food for a feast.

As for the kitchens that she films in, Nigella recently shared that they were, in fact, purpose-built sets within a studio - although they were inspired by her own home kitchen.

“As a chef, it’s no surprise Nigella has opted for ease of access, having many of her cooking utensils on show. This approach tends to lend itself better to larger, farmhouse-style kitchens as it can make more compact kitchens appear cluttered. “If you do want your cooking wear on display but are tight on space, having a Victorian pan rack like Kendall and Nigella can solve this. You can then partner this with smart storage solutions to make the most out of your space whilst maintaining the exposed aesthetic. “Opting for dual-tone cabinets like Nigella is an increasingly popular design choice that will add personality to your kitchen and if you choose a lighter shade for wall units and darker for base units, it can also draw the eye upwards, adding to the feeling of space.”
Lizzie Beesley
Head of Design

Adele has a sleek and welcoming kitchen

Superstar, Adele, has a gorgeous kitchen, with calming colours and plenty of space to spread out. Despite her home being in Los Angeles, her kitchen encapsulates British design. From the large belfast sink to the coordinating cupboards and cookware, every detail has been considered. 

“You can recreate this look fairly easily in your own home, choosing shaker style kitchen cabinets a similar blue shade to Adele’s. This will make any space feel welcoming. “Adele’s sink choice can also be easily adapted to your own kitchen. Ceramic sinks are always on-trend due to their country charm. They look great in traditional style kitchens whilst also being practical and durable.”
Lizzie Beesley
Head of Design

Taylor Swift has gone for a maximalist kitchen design

Like most of the celebrities on our list, Taylor Swift has more than one home, with more than one interior style. However, the singer’s Nashville home certainly stands out due to its maximalist design. 

Taylor’s use of wood, magnets, quirky painted cabinets' and walls makes the star's kitchen look like it is straight out of a fairytale. 

“Usually, for a maximalist look, there’s more care and attention involved than you might think - and mixing clashing patterns is actually a well thought-out process. However, Taylor’s kitchen throws the rule book away when it comes to this! “To recreate her design, use your favourite bright and bold colours, textures and patterns to energise your room. Choose sleek, chrome appliances and be ready with your paintbrush for the walls. Don’t be afraid to make a statement and express yourself.“
Lizzie Beesley
Head of Design

Victoria and David Beckham’s kitchen is just as iconic as they are

Despite just missing out on the top 20, the Beckhams’ family kitchen is definitely one to admire. Fitted with state-of-the-art appliances and sleek black cabinetry, the kitchen is one of the highlights of their London home. Open wooden shelving with strip lighting for aesthetic purposes, and a Dualit toaster and flat-screen television can be seen in the background – perfect to keep David and Victoria entertained while cooking.

“Darker toned kitchen cabinets are a great way to make your space look dramatic and luxurious. If you’re after a sophisticated industrial-style design like the Beckhams, a metallic splashback and some open wooden shelving will help you achieve this. “Natural lighting is also key in darker kitchens as you don’t want the colours to overpower your space. Adding in a lighter shade on worktops also helps break up the darkness. Mixing in metallic features and equipment also goes hand in hand with a dark kitchen.
Lizzie Beesley
Head of Design

Get the look

Feel inspired by any of the designs seen here? Whether it’s a rustic look you’re going for, or something sleek and modern, we can create a bespoke design that works for you. Book a consultation with us today to start designing the kitchen of your dreams.


Using YouGov data, a list of over 1,500 of the most famous people was collected. For each celebrity listed, monthly Google search volumes were analysed for two phrases, for example, 'Kendall Jenner kitchen' and 'Kendall Jenner's Kitchen'. Figures correct as of February 2022.

Certain celebrities were removed from the final results due to their search volume not directly relating to the celebrities' kitchen. For example, singer Pink, ‘Pink kitchen’ search volumes were not only related to the singer so she was not included in the final results.