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Magnet x Dowsing & Reynolds: A match made in heaven

Luxurious designs with meticulous attention to detail and a lifelong passion for creativity – it’s a match made in heaven.

With the recent release of our blissful botanical kitchen, Ludlow Arboretum Green, we felt the time was right to partner with fellow Yorkshire-based home accessories brand and maximalism experts, Dowsing & Reynolds.

To kick start our partnership, we sat down with James Dowsing-Reynolds, Founder and Designer, to get the inside scoop on his wonderfully eclectic brand.

Here’s what he had to say…

What interior trends most inspired Dowsing & Reynolds’s products?

“Heritage and industrial style are at the heart of where Dowsing & Reynolds began and influenced many of our initial product ranges.

“This then developed into us wanting to show the beauty of materials and a passion for detail in each and every product we design.

“There are certain trends we’ve taken inspiration from when designing ranges such as our hotel-style lights - these are inspired by Art Deco, and our pink and green taps and handles are inspired by the pastel shades and curved shapes of the Miami Art Deco movement.

“There is an essence of biophilic influence in the smoked gold finish on our switches and sockets as due to the nature of the material, the surface changes depending on how you use it, almost in a natural, ‘living’ way.

“I love how this finish then becomes unique to your home.”

If you could describe Dowsing & Reynolds in three words, what would they be?

“Playful. Creative. Passionate.”

What advice would you give to someone who loves bold patterns and maximalist interiors, but doesn’t know where to start in bringing boldness into their homes?

“A good place to start is with wallpaper. Choose colours and patterns that you love, and you can build the rest of your room around those accents.

“Another way is to pick a big impact piece of furniture, like a sofa, in a colour or pattern that speaks to your personality.

“It’s much easier to create a scheme around these key pieces, picking out design cues and colours that you can replicate around the rest of the space.”

We know Dowsing & Reynolds are all about detail and the finishing touches, which accessories are your personal favourites?

“I really love our smoked gold dimmer switches – the intricate knurled detail on the knob is subtle but it has such a big impact.

“It feels great to touch and can really change how you feel about the whole room. The smoked gold finish naturally changes and improves with time too, so each switch or socket in this finish is totally unique.”

What can we expect from Dowsing & Reynolds in the future?

“When designing new products we always look to answer a problem, whether that’s about aesthetics or functionality. Similar to the humble light switch, another forgotten ‘accessory’ is the curtain pole.

“Its design hasn’t been updated for many years and it’s something most of us interact with every day, so we’re exploring different materials and finishes to create something that is both beautiful and functional.

“The idea behind Dowsing & Reynolds actually began when I was creating concrete lighting sculptures, so we’re going back to our roots and experimenting with concrete lamp bases and sourcing beautiful original fabrics from local mills for the lampshades.”

Any interior trends predictions for 2023?

“Lived-in metal is something we’re seeing crop up a lot. Product designers are taking stainless steel, aluminium and brass and using various methods to create naturally worn effects that add character to everyday things such as tiles and lighting.

“Much like the smoked gold finish on our sockets and switches, these effects change over time, adding surface texture and subtle changes in colour. The result is a look completely unique to your home.

“The influence of nature and biophilic design, in general, is still very prominent moving into 2023 as homeowners continue seeking to create places of retreat in the home.

“I think we’ll see various microtrends emerging, rather than bigger, longer-lasting trends.

“It just means that people are able to pick and choose elements of what they love from those trends, depending on what resonates most with them and their style.

“What I would say though is trends aren’t the be-all-and-end-all – it’s much more important to choose styles and designs that you genuinely love.”

Thanks, James. Sounds like the beginning of an exciting partnership with plenty more to come…

Keep your eyes peeled for more from Dowsing & Reynolds on our social feed and blog. In the meantime, to find a kitchen design that you genuinely love, explore our full range of kitchens here.