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Nordic Nature is crowned Ideal Home’s Kitchen of the Year

We’re thrilled to announce that our stunning Nordic Nature concept kitchen has won this prestigious award.

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Through demonstrating the “best in design, materials and craftsmanship”, Nordic Nature has been awarded the accolade Kitchen of the Year 2022 by a judging panel of interiors experts at the UK’s best-selling homes magazine, Ideal Home.

Taking inspiration from the stunning natural landscapes in the Nordics, we crafted this into a beautiful, functional kitchen concept that’s truly unique.

What makes Nordic Nature unique?

With all of the beautiful kitchens available on the market today, what does it take for one to stand out from the crowd and hit the mark for the intrepid interior design experts on the Ideal Home judging panel?

From the responsibly sourced materials we used to craft this kitchen to the skillful application of biophilic design, we’ve taken a deep dive into all of the carefully considered elements that make Nordic Nature one of a kind – and Ideal Home’s Kitchen of the Year 2022.

1. A natural design concept

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Nordic woods, valleys, mountains and fjords, this kitchen concept truly taps into our deep-rooted need to connect with nature and encapsulates the emerging trend for biophilic design.

The rich wooden palette features sustainably sourced oak-veneer frontals in both smooth and fluted designs. To extenuate the oak, the concept also includes fluted glass-frontals adding a light and airy design element, created via traditional workmanship methods, making each pane unique, with small imperfections in the surface.

These fluted surfaces – in both glass and oak veneer – echo the strong forms of the forests and rippling river surfaces found in the Nordic landscapes, evoking a peaceful and calming mood.

‘We loved the rich wooden texture, and Nordic Nature’s fluted finish feels brilliantly modern with the linear design and pared-back look’.
Ideal Home

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2. It’s all in the detail

A contemporary concept, this kitchen bridges the gap between nature, design, and function.

We worked with an elegant frame to highlight the beautiful, mid-tone oak-veneer frontal, reminiscent of naturally aged wood, and taking inspiration from Nordic mid-century modern walnut furniture.

We also utilised soothing rounded details and matt to semi-gloss finishes on worktops and taps to contrast with the rest of the linear kitchen.

Created with a discreet spacer, the architectural shadow gap suspends the worktop effortlessly, giving the illusion it’s floating just above the base units. In contrast, the oak-veneer plinth is horizontally ribbed to form a solid platform grounding the design and balancing the vertical lines of the fluted frontals.

3. A light touch

Lighting is key to this kitchen concept.

The light beam we chose was designed and developed for purpose in-house – and through its distinctly industrial design, is subtly juxtaposed with the rest of the warm, natural kitchen.

To compliment this, the interior lighting we incorporated within the fluted glass cabinets (see Vitrine Wave) is both visually striking and adds to the warmth that’s echoed in the surrounding wood.

Add to this the natural light that is present in almost any kitchen space – and this only accentuates the nature-inspired design. Casting shadows and reflecting and refracting light around the room, bringing the tactile elements of this kitchen to life.

4. A well-handled approach

Seamlessly joining with the smooth cabinetry, solid timber handles create clean lines and provide effortless usability through their ergonomic design, highlighting the linear length of the kitchen.

Fluted wood and glass-fronted units are accessible via the metallic Black Lip Handle which is subtle yet without any loss of functionality – and echoes the muted industrial aesthetic of the central light beam.

Available in longer and shorter lengths to adapt for larger or smaller cabinet or drawer sizes, these handles flawlessly balance form with function to add to the beautiful, purposeful design concept.

5. Unwind in nature…

In recent years, there’s been a notable shift towards focusing on how design makes us feel and we’ve become increasingly aware of how interiors can influence our physical and mental wellbeing.

Evolving along with today’s world, we wanted this kitchen to be a haven for users. Somewhere they could relax and unwind in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Using nature as our endless source of inspiration and employing the very essence of biophilic design to bring it to life, the end result is a kitchen that allows users to take a calming moment, connect with nature, and ultimately, feel happier in their homes.

6. Sustainable design

When it comes to sustainability, we’re doing our utmost to reduce our impact on the environment throughout our business.

So, all of the wood that goes into this kitchen – and all of our kitchens – is responsibly sourced, and we can track the entire journey from forest to your kitchen.

On top of this, we incorporated some of the most eco-friendly appliances on the market. The AEG induction hob used on the island is up to 90% efficient compared to 60% for gas hobs.

Induction creates heat directly in the base of the pan, making it more energy efficient. This efficiency also means that induction is fast and can boil a litre of water in under 90 seconds.

It’s all of these elements combined: the carefully considered design story, elegant planning, sustainable materials and depth of detail that makes Nordic Nature truly one of a kind.

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