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Why design a kitchen feature wall?

A kitchen with a feature wall is a thing of beauty. It looks great, it feels great, & is aesthetically pleasing. Discover the best design ideas for your feature walls.

A feature wall looks great in every room and makes your home stand out by offering something different. Adding a feature wall in the kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can create a focal point, drawing the eye to your chosen area.

Focal points are one of the most fundamental elements in home interiors, giving you an easy foundation from which you build the rest of your design. How you design your feature wall is completely up to you, and there are many ways materials that can be used to turn your vision into reality.

Depending on the style of your property, the theme of your kitchen and the mood you want to set, there are a range of kitchen feature wall ideas you can adopt.

Nordic Nature. Modern wooden kitchen design with a Nordic influence. Featured floating worktops, a ribbed plinth and rounded end panels
Ludlow Arboretum green kitchen

Benefits of a feature wall

A feature wall may seem like a permanent addition, but there are many renter-friendly options that allow you to personalise your home without breaching your contract. We will go into the different options further down, but for now, here are the reasons why people love to add a feature wall to kitchens vs. other rooms in the house: 

  • Fill a large, vacant space - a feature wall design can transform your kitchen, turning it into a cosy and inviting space for the whole family
  • Create easy zoning - dividing up a multipurpose kitchen can be tricky, but focal points can give you that instant partitioning effect 
  • Add texture - using texture in kitchen design adds balance, and also prevents the decor from looking flat and one-dimensional 
  • Make your ceilings appear higher - patterned walls can be used to create the illusion of height, which can open up a cramped space making it perfect for entertaining
  • Let there be light - kitchens require good lighting and light reflection in order to be functional, and a feature wall can be engineered for that exact purpose

Painted feature walls

One of the easiest ways to transform a kitchen feature wall is to paint it a different colour from the rest of the room. You can apply colour theory and use the colour wheel as a tool to help you choose the right colour scheme. 

Here’s a quick selection of kitchen feature wall paint ideas based on basic colour theory:  

  • Tonal colours - using the same colour in different shades for a monochromatic effect
  • Harmonious colours - using colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel for a finish that is easy on eye 
  • Complementary colours - using colours at the opposite end of the colour wheel to create a contrast

Paint is also a great alternative to wallpaper in rented homes, and it can be used to create beautiful and interesting patterns for a wallpaper effect. Some methods you could use include sponges and paint rollers to create a textured look. Stamps and stencils allow for more elaborate patterns, as well as free-hand painting. 

While many contracts do not allow for any modification to the walls, painting your house is sometimes allowed with permission from the landlord.

Tatton Kitchen by Magnet. A beautiful easy to use kitchen with traditional features with stylish modern touches.

Tiled feature walls

Tiled feature walls are a favourite for kitchens and bathrooms, as they can double up for functionality. For instance, creating a beautiful tiled pattern behind your cooker space gives you a splashback to protect the wall behind. 

Tiles add instant texture and can be used to create a whole range of colours and patterns. You can even have mismatched tiles for something unique. 

Brick tiles are one of the most versatile options if you want a more subtle design, while still having textural benefits. They can be arranged in a variety of patterns too - not just the classic horizontal running bond


Choosing chevron over a traditional running bond can elevate your kitchen, giving it a fantastic point of difference from the rest of the house. By adopting this pattern, you can bring a one-colour tiled wall to life. 

This pattern is perfect for contemporary homes and can be a quick way to add texture to a minimalist design theme.

Nova by Magnet. Affordable slab door kitchen available in matt and super glass. 6 colours to chose from.
Nova by Magnet. Affordable slab door kitchen available in matt and super glass. 6 colours to chose from.


Like chevron tiles, the herringbone pattern creates a verticle focus and can make your ceilings appear higher. You can use the standard herringbone pattern, or you could make it even more interesting with a double herringbone. 

The style of herringbone is considered to be classic, making it ideal for traditional interiors, but it works just as well in modern kitchens.

Basket weave

Basket weave can be horizontal or diagonal, depending on whether you want to elongate or widen the wall you’re designing. You can also have single or double weave, with double weave being one of the most visually intriguing and complex brick styles. 

This pattern works in every style of home, but can be particularly fitting for kitchen interiors that take a maximalist approach to walls.

Dunham kitchen by Magnet. Smooth matt finish traditional or modern style available in over 20 colours.

Wallpapered feature walls

While kitchen feature wall paint ideas are generally the easiest to apply, wallpapering can be a fantastic investment if you want to add value. Even a house in poor condition can be made to look great with quality wallpaper, and wallpapering is one of the oldest tricks in the book for hiding wall imperfections. 

The design selection is endless too, giving you prints and patterns that go far beyond the possibilities you have with paint. Here are just a few popular wallpaper trends that could look great in your kitchen:

  • Floral or botanical designs
  • Jungle or leaf print
  • Chevron designs
  • Geometric designs
  • Black and white patterns
  • Metallic effect (such as gold or silver) 
  • ‘Grandmillennial’ and chintzy
  • Scenic murals

If you love the look of brick, tiles or luxurious natural stone like marble, wallpaper can be a cost-effective way of getting the same look without the renovation work. But wallpapering can be a fiddly task, particularly if you have an intricate pattern where alignment is key. It’s also not suitable for rented homes, meaning you would need to seek permission from your landlord. 

For a rental-friendly option, you could shop around for removable wallpaper instead. These are easy peel-and-stick wallpapers that can be removed without damaging the existing wall underneath. 

Abstract feature walls

If you want your kitchen to stand out, opt for more abstract kitchen feature wall ideas. Your kitchen is the heart of the home after all, so find ways to personalise it and make it your own. Here are just a few ideas of how you can transform your feature wall designs:

Integra Soho by Magnet. Ultra-contemporary design with sleek handless doors and available in 20 different colours.


Installing shelving not only adds depth and dimension, bringing your wall to life, but it can also be functional. Floating shelves give you extra storage space and can be arranged in a diagonal formation to arouse curiosity.


Wall sconces come in all shapes and sizes, touching on every interior style. From art deco, mid-century modern, Nordic style lights, rustic farmhouse, and modern minimalism to antique style lights, there are so many ways you can personalise with lighting.

Winchester kitchen by Magnet. A wood grain effect affordable alternative to solid timber built from hardwearing MDF and available in 5 colours.


Wallpaper murals are the easiest way to set the scene in your kitchen and can be great for entertaining. Murals come in the form of city skylines, beautiful beach scenes, leafy jungles, mountainscapes, garden views, and more. You can also add an art mural, turning your feature wall into a work of art.

How to use lines in your wall design

There’s something very comforting about lines in interior design. Just like geometric shapes, lines bring a sense of order and can be pleasing to the eye. If you’re looking for kitchen feature wall ideas that create the illusion of space, lines can help with that too. 

Horizontal lines and vertical lines can stretch or shorten a room with the power of illusion. Here are some tips on how to apply lines to your feature wall:

Horizontal lines

Horizontal lines are considered the most natural and comfortable use of lines. They form a solid, harmonious relationship with your surroundings, which can help you create calming decor for your kitchen. They can also visually expand a space, making rooms appear wider. 

Horizontal wall designs are universally stylish and look great in every style of home, including traditional or contemporary, minimalist or maximalist, and city-urban or country-rustic.

Vertical lines

Vertical lines in interior design are associated with strength, stability, elevation, and balance. They move your visual plane and focus the eye upwards, and this is what can make a wall appear higher. If you have low ceilings or you want to draw attention to decor details above the natural sightline, utilize vertical lines in your feature wall design. 

For instance, for period properties with striking ceiling designs or farmhouse properties with wood beams, it could be worth creating an upward focus.

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Starting with your first, free consultation, your experienced Magnet designer will be by your side to walk you through the design process and give expert advice at every step. Same-day appointments are available on a limited basis.

Our design service

Starting with your first, free consultation, your experienced Magnet designer will be by your side to walk you through the design process and give expert advice at every step. Same-day appointments are available on a limited basis.

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