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The ultimate extractor fan solutions guide for your kitchen island

Complete your kitchen island set-up with an extractor fan to remove grease, smoke and unwanted smells, with the help of our handy cooker hood guide.

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An extractor fan, otherwise known as a cooker hood, is an essential kitchen appliance that helps to remove any grease, smoke or unwanted food smells from your kitchen space and home.

A kitchen island, complete with a stove, hob and cooker hood extractor, can act as a central hub that feels both opening and welcoming – ideal for those who enjoy cooking with family and friends.

Island hoods are not only a practical asset to your kitchen design, they also add extra wow factor to your kitchen layout.

Discover our full range of cooker hood appliances here.

Integra Dunham Kitchen by Magnet. Premium painted matt finish with unique door style available in 20 colours.
Nova by Magnet. Affordable slab door kitchen available in matt and super glass. 6 colours to choose from.

Why do you need an island cooker hood?

  • Island extractor fans are perfect for eliminating moisture, odour, heat, and smoke that occur when cooking - helping to keep large, open plan kitchens smoke and odour free, improving air quality. 
  • To guarantee maximum performance of your island cooker hood, it is important to choose the proper air flow rate of your chosen cooker hood. In order to calculate this, multiply the cubage of your kitchen space by ten.

Practicalities of an island extractor fan

A kitchen island extractor fan is slightly different in both design and specifications than a standard extractor fan - this is because it is situated within the centre of the kitchen as opposed to against the wall.

Island extractor fans are designed with a complete 360-degree specification and are typically a lot bigger than the standard cooker hood.

Island extractor fans hang directly from the kitchen ceiling and act as an alluring design statement. Hanging island extractor fans can create a break in an open plan kitchen dining area – creating an inviting, spacious environment for larger families and entertaining. 

Integra Dunham Kitchen by Magnet. Premium painted matt finish with unique door style available in 20 colours.

How does an island extractor fan work?

An island kitchen extractor fan is typically attached to the ceiling above your hob, acting as a stylish focal point to your kitchen setting.

Extractor fans help to eliminate moisture, odours, heat and smoke that often occur when cooking – ventilating the room by pulling particulates from the air.

This air is then pushed up through a vent kit in the ceiling to the nearest external wall, which allows the air to escape outside.

If you opt for a recirculating extractor fan, the air, moisture and odours are sucked up into a funnel and pushed through charcoal filters that help to purify the air. This air is then pushed back into the room – eliminating the need for outside ventilation. 

An island extractor fans has many differences from the standard extractor fan, as it is positioned in the middle of the room rather against the side or wall.

There are a few different types of island hoods you can consider:

Duct exhaust system
A traditional extractor hood system where the duct filters air directly out of the house.

The duct exhaust system hood requires a more complex installation as opposed to when the hood is attached to an exterior wall.

Duct extractor hoods typically require low levels of cleaning maintenance and are highly efficient at extracting both cooking smoke and steam.

Non-vented system
A non-vented system helps to filter the air in your kitchen by recycling and pumping the extracted air back into the room.

Non-vented system fans are simple to install because they don't require an exhaust system to be threaded through your house. It is worth noting that non-vented systems do, however, require regular cleaning and maintenance.

They are also not as efficient as duct exhaust systems, meaning they won’t be appropriate for kitchens where the fan is heavily used.

Downdraft extractor fan
Downdraft extractor fans are typically installed underneath your countertop space on your island and rise up directly next to your hob when it is in use.

Perfect for creating a minimalist aesthetic, downdraft extractor fans are usually mechanically controlled with touch buttons, allowing them to be a lot smarter than other extractors.

Nova by Magnet. Affordable slab door kitchen available in matt and super glass. 6 colours to choose from.
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Things to consider when choosing an island extractor fan

  • The type of filter – if you have opted for a recirculating cooker hood, you may want to consider choosing a charcoal filter to sit above the grease filter. A charcoal filter is effective at removing odours from the air. 
  • The right amount of light intensity – you’ll want to ensure that you have an ideal amount of light intensity when you’re cooking, and also consider how easy it’ll be to replace bulbs. Most cooker hoods are fitted with halogen, incandescent or LED lights. 
  • The rate of extraction – you will need to ensure that the cooker hood is the correct size for your kitchen space.
  • How many people you typically cook for - you will also need to consider how often you’ll use the hob. This will help you determine the necessary air flow rate of your hob. 

Pros & cons of an island extractor fan

Like any type of kitchen appliance, there are a number of pros and cons to consider before installing a kitchen island and extractor fan. 


  • Island extractor fans provide you with more flexibility within your kitchen design – allowing you to have a stove in the middle of your kitchen, which is great for creating an inviting space for socialising.


  • Range hoods help to create a dramatic statement within your kitchen, with plenty of sizes, colours and materials to choose from. 
Integra Ascoli kitchen by Magnet. Matt finish handless door with trim brushed in aluminium for a high end finish.


  • Your island hood will need to be bigger than your stove, in order to ensure that your kitchen space is getting proper ventilation.


  • If the hood is too small it won’t properly remove smoke, odours and grease particles from your kitchen and if it is too large it will waste both money and energy. 


  • In smaller kitchens with low ceilings, island hoods may limit the visibility within your kitchen from one side to the other. 


  • If the hood is very tall, it could be difficult to clean. 

 Styles & Types of Island Extractor Fans

Although clearing your kitchen's air is the main task of an extractor fan, they can also offer a bold design statement to your kitchen space - flawlessly combining both functionality and style. Magnet offers a wide range of extractor hoods to cater for every kitchen, allowing you to find the best island extractor fan to suit your desired kitchen aesthetic. 

Stainless Steel Hood 

Known to be one of the most popular cooker hoods, a stainless steel hanging island extractor fan helps to strike the perfect balance between functionality and space within your kitchen area. It is equipped with an automated control, LED lights and washable filters. 

Chandelier Hood

A chandelier hood is arguably one of the most stylish and decorative cooker hoods you can opt for. Equipped with remote control, washable filters - a chandelier hood is efficient and functional, whilst making a bold design statement.

The hood's 65cm width allows it to sit perfectly above a standard-sized hob, making it the ideal addition to any small kitchen.

Wall Hood

Hoods that are installed on the wall are great design features in themselves, acting as both a modern and attractive addition to your kitchen space.

They help to fight both humidity smells and smoke, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of your cooking experience.

Integra Dunham Kitchen by Magnet. Premium painted matt finish with unique door style available in 20 colours.

Sense Technology Hood

The RørosHetta sense technology hood is integrated with smart technology to help bring heightened levels of comfort and care into your kitchen space - addressing both indoor air quality and fire safety issues.

This sense technology cooker hood features brushless motors that are 70% more efficient than conventional cooker hood options.

Complete with LED lights technology, the RørosHetta sense technology hood adapts to both your kitchen style and mood, while its range of complex algorithms ensure for optimal ventilation - allowing for healthy indoor air quality throughout the day. 

Alternatives to an island cooker hood

If you don’t have an island within your kitchen space, an island extractor fan kitchen won’t be the ideal choice for you.

Instead, consider opting for another type of extractor to ensure your home is ventilated and free from cooking odours. Here are some of the options you can consider:

Nova by Magnet. Affordable slab door kitchen available in matt and super glass. 6 colours to choose from.
Tatton Kitchen by Magnet. A beautiful easy to use kitchen with traditional features with stylish modern touches.

Screen Hoods

Screen hoods are typically suited to a modern kitchen and feature a sleek, stylish design, complete with advanced technology to extract grease and odours from your kitchen space.

The screen is a simplistic and elegant way to conceal the powerful motor that is working hard to help to keep your kitchen clean.

Our selection of screen hoods come in a range of white and black glass options, as well as stainless steel designs to help you match your kitchen hood with your overall kitchen aesthetic. 

Chimney Hoods

Chimney kitchen hoods remain a popular choice for their versatility - available in both classic and modern designs.

A stainless steel finish looks at home in most kitchen types and is particularly well suited to larger kitchens.

Ascoli by Magnet. An affordable contemporary kitchen constructed from 18mm MFC. Available in 6 colours.

Ceiling Hood 

Flush ceiling extractor fans for kitchen islands are very powerful, meaning they are perfect for those who have large hobs and partake in a lot of cooking.

They are designed to blend into the ceiling and are typically remote controlled.

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing your island extractor fan or cooker hood for your kitchen. Which one is right for you will depend on your desired kitchen design and style preference.

At Magnet, we’re here to help with finding the option that suits your kitchen the best – and we’ll install your new hood too. Check out our complete range of installation options here.

If you found this guide helpful, head over to our blog for further kitchen inspiration.