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Crafts to do in your kitchen this autumn

Discover some of our favourite craft activities that you and your family can do to help invite autumnal vibes into your kitchen.

With the days shortening and the nights drawing in, autumn is the perfect time to get crafty!

We have plenty of great craft ideas that are not only fun and relaxing to do, but that'll also generate autumnal vibes across your home – helping to create that cosy, mellow atmosphere that characteries the season.


Hanging an autumn wreath on your door will get you into the spirit of the season and give visitors a warm welcome.

For a truly nature-inspired wreath that will feel right at home in a country kitchen, use natural materials where possible.

Hand-weaving a wicker frame for your wreath can be a soothing, meditative experience – letting your mind wonder while your hands work the wicker. Attach decorations to the finished frame with thin copper or florist’s wire.

Wheat and dried flowers work great as decorations, symbolising the fruitfulness and transitional nature of the season.

Fresh foliage and sprigs of red berries add texture and colour, and can easily be removed from the wreath and replaced once they start to dry out.

Keep an eye out for pinecones on the ground when you’re out nature walking, and squirrel them away with your other craft supplies ready for when you make your wreath. Fallen feathers, especially pheasant feathers, can add additional interest to your wreath.

Once you’ve finished decorating your wreath, tie a ribbon loop at the top as a hanger. Red, orange, gold or green ribbon will make the perfect finishing touch.


Autumnal garlands

This is a simple yet fun activity that’s perfect to do with the kids.

Autumn garlands are easy and inexpensive to make, and you can probably use materials and equipment you most likely already have to hand: paper or card, scissors, glue, tape and string.

Feel free to get creative when choosing materials for your garland. Recycled scrap fabric or even old book pages can create interesting textures and patterns, while being kinder to the planet.

There are plenty of autumn motifs to choose from when designing your garland, from leaves to acorns to pumpkins. You could even trace around a leaf to create a template.

Hang your finished wreath anywhere you like around your home, whether this be on your kitchen hood or living room mantlepiece.

Autumn-themed tablescaping

Tablescaping is the art of dressing a table to convey a particular mood or theme. An autumn-inspired dining table or kitchen island is sure to impress guests while creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

The first step when dressing your autumn-themed table is to decide on a colour palette. Earthy shades such as yellow, brown, orange and red reflect and symbolise the time of year beautifully. Neutral tones invite calm into a space, reflecting how autumn is a time for winding down and reflecting.

Once you’ve decided on your colour palette, choose complementary table linen that will act as the foundation for your table. This not only includes the tablecloth, but also placemats, napkins and runners.

Select linen that adds texture and depth to your table, like woven seagrass placemats and soft, linen napkins – made from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials.

And of course, your autumnal-themed table wouldn’t be complete without seasonal decorations.

For a nature-inspired look, bring the outdoors in with dried foliage and fruit arranged down the centre of the table.

Conkers or acorns – preferably still attached to their branch – will create a charming addition nestled between candle holders or serving dishes.

If you’re including fresh flowers, opt for chrysanthemums arranged in clusters or in vases. In season through late summer to autumn, these traditional favourites have been used as autumn dinner table decoration since the Victorian era. They come in a wide range of colours, from soft pink to golden yellow or orange.

Candles or LEDs placed inside lanterns and tealights will add ambience as the night draws in – especially when the silverware catches the candles’ soft glow. Speaking of candles…

Candle making

‘Scentscaping’ has become an increasingly popular trend in our homes. This simply means using scent to divide different rooms or areas of your house – or to zone different time periods in your mind.

In this case, you can scentscape your kitchen to evoke the spirit of autumn – using those welcomingly sweet, spicy and smoky aromas that are deeply intertwined with the season. And one great way to do this is to make your own scented candles.

There are plenty of great value candle-making kits to get you started – whether you’re a candle-making expert or complete novice. There's no shortage of scents that you can incorporate into your candles, including pumpkin spice, citrus fruits and cinnamon (hmm).

As well as using scent to transform the feel of a space, candles with deep yellow or orange-coloured beeswax will help enrich your kitchen’s autumnal colour palette.

Autumn-themed candle holders with a leaf or floral motif can be a great way to house your candle creations. Scented candles make a lovely little gift for dinner guests too.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative with these autumn-themed crafts, which will help spread seasonal vibes throughout your home.

For further inspiration on how to create a cosy, autumn-inspired kitchen, take a look at our blog.