Boot room ideas and tips for a harmonious storage space

Are you lucky enough to have a boot room in your home? If you’re designing this practical space alongside your kitchen, our boot room ideas will take your room from basic to the ideal balance of function and style.

Incorporating your boot room ideas with your kitchen design ensures a harmonious flow between the two spaces.

This unique room in your home needs to work for your family and lifestyle, which is why made-to-measure, personalised design details are ideal for this kind of space. 

Discover some of the elements that will help you make the most of your boot room, along with top tips from our Magnet design experts.

Tatton Kitchen by Magnet. A beautiful easy to use kitchen with traditional features with stylish modern touches.

What’s the difference between a boot room and a utility room?

There are several key differences when it comes to traditional boot rooms and utility rooms. A boot room bridges the indoors and outdoors; it’s the perfect place to remove muddy boots and wipe damp paws. It houses your worn-out wellies, dirty trainers and soaking umbrellas.

A traditional utility room is a separate space for laundry. Here, you’ll find washing machines and tumble dryers, freeing up space in the kitchen and separating out some of your appliances.

In modern design, these spaces are often combined into one – depending on the style of your house and the space you have in your kitchen. Both interior spaces favour function, organisation and impeccable storage – but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

Boot room ideas: Design details to consider

Some of the best boot room ideas focus on the details. If you’re starting to create your own space, consider implementing some of our expert-recommended design features into your boot room plan.

Use kitchen cabinetry

According to Lizzie Beesley, our Head of Design: “Using bespoke kitchen cabinetry in both your kitchen and boot room is a great way to instantly elevate the space. It also means it flows seamlessly with your kitchen design.

“A stylish boot room is all about stylish storage. So, choose cupboards, drawers and benches to store everything from coats and shoes to cleaning products. If you’re planning to blend your boot room design with utility functionality, your cabinetry can also conceal washer-dryer appliances.”

Our Shaker kitchens offer a modern twist on a traditional style for a boot room and are available in a wide range of stunning colour palettes.

Extra storage

When it comes to the planning process, you’ll certainly be thinking storage, storage and extra storage! That means that you can’t let any space in your room go to waste. Our design team is on hand to help you make the most out of every inch of space using our kitchen storage innovations.

Clever storage ideas can make all the difference. You might need storage for muddy boots and a space to dry wet umbrellas and coats, as well as somewhere to house cleaning equipment for muddy paws; all of which can be factored in with some extra storage design. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, we love wooden benches for removing footwear that can double as shoe storage drawers.

Don’t forget the final details like using our unit liners to protect drawers and cupboards, perfect for these types of frequently-used rooms.

Embrace beautiful clutter

“We’re forever told to hide away ‘clutter’, but with the right open shelving and storage, your things can be arranged beautifully and aesthetically to show off your ‘clutter’ with pride,” says Lizzie. “Not only is this a huge interior design trend, but it also makes organising and finding your practical things more accessible.”

In a boot room, this might mean creating a space for each member of the family, making it quick and easy to access your daily essentials on the way in and out of the house. This is especially great for kids, where spaces can be designed to suit your family’s individual needs. Someone might have spacious drawers or easy-access open units. Others might have hanging space or open shelving with on-trend baskets. You might even include a space for the dog, making a feature of their walking and cleaning equipment.

Integrate washing

If you’re considering blending a utility space with your boot room, you’ll be working out how to integrate your washing appliances into the design. Kitchen cabinetry can effortlessly conceal washing machines and tumble dryers, creating a sense of flow through the space. This way, muddy or wet clothes can go straight into the washing machine and skip being taken through the house.

A blended boot and utility room might also include a handy indoor clothes airer, depending on your available space. Or, you could opt for a traditional ceiling rack to create a statement design feature.

Add greenery with houseplants and botanicals

Ensure your boot room is complete with a touch of botanicals in the form of beautiful houseplants. Not only do larger statement plants look incredible, but they’re also a fantastic way to help detoxify and clean the air in a less ventilated space.

Bringing in a natural palette and connecting with the garden, adding botanical details also helps create the feeling of an indoor-outdoor space – ideal for a contemporary boot room. Discover our selection of the best houseplants for your home.

Think about enhancing your indoor garden with the right lighting. From recessed spotlights to strip LEDs, bespoke lighting adds a great finishing touch to your space.

Consider including a sink

Traditional boot rooms might not include a sink, but why not take ideas from functional utility rooms and add a convenient sink to your design? This handy addition can be great for cleaning muddy wellies or even dogs. Choosing a deep ceramic sink also adds a modern twist while remaining functional, hygienic and durable. You might want to consider complementing the sink with a useful flexi-hose tap to make cleaning off your outdoor equipment even easier.

Boot rooms can be darker spaces in the home due to a lack of windows and doors that bring in natural light, so you’ll also want to consider task lighting. Make sure you have plenty of lighting around the sink area so you don’t miss any mud when cleaning. This could be in the form of spotlights or even a feature light above or around your sink.

Practical and stylish flooring

“Flooring is a key factor in your boot room design plans, and you won’t want to get it wrong,” according to Lizzie. “This high-traffic space will need durable and hard-wearing flooring that can withstand water, mud and plenty of cleaning. Laminate is a great choice for boot rooms.”

While modern, high-quality laminate flooring replicates the look of real wood, it can be a more practical choice in busy, high-footfall areas of the home. At Magnet, we have a wide selection of wood or ceramic-style laminate floors, perfect for creating a functional yet stylish boot room space that works for your family.

You might even want to consider under-floor heating as part of your design plans to ensure your boot room remains warm and cosy; the perfect greeting whenever you come home from a chilly walk or outing.

Don’t struggle with boot room ideas. Instead, let our design experts create your dream space with the personalised functionality that your family needs. Book a free design consultation and make the most of your available space, designing a practical and beautiful room that works cohesively with the rest of your home.

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