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The Autumn Kitchen Trends Guide 2022

Uncovering the hottest emerging interior trends for AW 2022/23 and exploring all the ways you can use these to elevate your kitchen décor.

Moving towards the end of 2022 and looking forward into the coming year, the key theme we’re seeing throughout key design trends is the ‘kitchen living space’ concept.

The evolution of the kitchen from a space reserved primarily for slicing and dicing into a fully-fledged living area.

A room not only for wining and dining, but also somewhere we can comfortably spend long periods of time. Somewhere we can relax, refuel and recharge.

Through autumn/winter, there are a series of trends emerging – all of which touch on this concept in their own ways – and each offering practical, stylish ways we can incorporate them into our kitchen design and décor this season.

Nesting & nurturing

Defining the trend…

During the cooler months, our nesting instinct returns and our lifelong pursuit of hygge intensifies, as we begin to escape indoors into our safe spaces – leaving our muddy boots at the door.

Meanwhile, the ‘emotional escape room’ is a concept we’ve seen gather momentum this year. Denoting a space where we can retreat from the constant demands and stresses of everyday life, into somewhere that makes our souls happy.

This nesting need to throw on our sheepskin slippers and snuggle up indoors, combined with an equal need for stress release, creates a powerful prerequisite for cosiness in our interior design.

So, how do we bring this concept into our kitchens?

Create a kitchen book nook

Home libraries are on the up, with #homelibraries at 80 million views on TikTok proving we’re in no shortage of demand for these cosy hibernation stations.

Creating a micro library – or a book nook – within your kitchen design can work wonders for achieving ultimate autumnal cosiness.

In a lesser used corner of your kitchen space, install a few bookshelves and fill them with your favourite cookbooks and novels.

For seating, install a set of kitchen drawer units to create a fully functional seating bench in your choice of styles and colours, to coordinate with your kitchen cabinetry.

Lastly, simply arrange a few of your fluffiest cushions on top and voila! The perfect place to escape into a book on a rainy autumn afternoon.

Bring in soft, natural furnishings

Tablescaping offers the perfect opportunity to soften up your space.

The added texture brings a feeling of warmth, particularly if you curate a palette of earthy tones around your table – and don’t forget to top it all off with a few carefully placed candles. 

You can also consider using faux fur in and around your table setting.

If you have a seating bench, a faux sheepskin rug provides plenty of warmth and cosiness. Or for chairs, you can add a few fluffy cushions or drape faux fur blankets over the backs.

We’re also seeing rugs being brought into the kitchen to create that living room feel. Laying a woven jute or sisal rug can really relax the feel of your kitchen and juxtapose a more modern theme – and added bonus: these classic fabrics are always in style.

Kinship & culture

Defining the trend…

Collectively, following a tumultuous few years, we’ve developed a greater need for kinship. And after a wave of politically-charged movements gathering traction, a feeling of solidarity between communities has arisen – extending around the globe.

This trend reimagines the way in which we approach our home interior design, as it’s no longer thought of a simply a base for our family, working and leisure time – but also somewhere we come together and connect with those we care about most.

Happily, the autumnal months bring with them plenty of opportunities to gather together with friends and family. Think dinner parties, cosy nights in, bonfires and Halloween celebrations.

Here are a couple of ways you can bring this trend into your kitchen design.

Diversify your colour scheme

As a nation, we love to draw influence from cultures and communities all around the world when it comes to our interiors.

Moving through the latter months of 2022, we usually see an uptake in colour schemes featuring burnt oranges, deep forest greens and tan browns.

Evolving these traditional shades, however, we’re now beginning to draw inspiration from African diaspora culture with rich, earthy shades such as mustard yellows, deep fuschias and even bolder grass greens coming into play.

Employing some of these more daring shades into a coordinating scheme in your kitchen can bring a sense of joy and playfulness to your space.

Install a home bar

There’s no better time to show off your latest interior design venture than when you’re having friends over. Fact.  

This year, home bars have become the ultimate interior asset to show off about. And with 274 million TikTok views, we can be certain this concept won’t be declining in popularity anytime soon.

Take the opportunity to wow your guests with a built-in bar in time for the autumnal round of entertaining. Whatever your preferred tipple, store your favourite bottles – along with a stylish glassware collection and cocktail kit – in a perfectly preened little hideaway within your kitchen.

Using hidden shelving and built-in storage, you can create a makeshift bar with enough surface space to prepare your drinks as well as store all your equipment. Dreamy.

Ludlow kitchen. Our latest Shaker door, with a modern country-style. Available in all 20 Magnet Create colours.

Crafted cosiness

Defining the trend…

As we’ve increasingly begun to celebrate personality and warmth throughout our interiors this past couple of years, our collective focus has pivoted towards décor that tells a story and feels more homemade.

Driven largely by an outpouring of support for small local businesses throughout the pandemic, homemade, handcrafted items are ever more accessible to us online.

This type of décor tends to not only look more visually interesting than mass-produced items – but it’s also more tactile and features added attention to the finer details.

Introduce artisanal pieces

As the kitchen continues to evolve into more of a living space, we’re starting to introduce more personal, decorative objects and décor into this once-purely-functional room.

Handcrafted, artisanal pieces bring a warmth to the kitchen, helping you feel more comforted and calmer while you whip up your favourite recipes and chat with friends and loved ones over a glass or two of Malbec.

These pieces can range from woven wicker lampshades to jute rugs featuring unique patterns and shapes, or a solid wood table or shelves, crafted by a local carpenter.

Any handcrafted items always provide an effective talking point with visitors and in the kitchen, they can also bring with them that familiar, comfortable feeling that makes you feel more at-peace and at-home.

Dunham kitchen by Magnet. Smooth matt finish traditional or modern style available in over 20 colours.

Get creative with your walls

Taking influence from Japanese interior design, the wooden slat wall has become vastly popular this year – and even better, it can be undertaken as a DIY project, if you feel up to the challenge!

Ensure you choose an area of wall in your kitchen that doesn’t house cabinetry and isn’t covered by furniture, as this could appear cluttered or

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more of a rustic look, you can opt for a brick veneer to give the appearance of a feature brick wall.

In the kitchen, this works particularly well surrounding an aga or range cooker – giving an authentic New-York-loft feel to your space.

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