Kitchen Cupboard Handles

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The handles are, without a doubt, one of the most important aesthetic decisions you’ll make for your space.

Your kitchen handles and knobs add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen. Whether you prefer an opulent look or an understated design, they are, without a doubt, one of the most important aesthetic decisions you’ll make for your space.

Kitchen cupboard handles can be an overlooked design choice too. After all, your cabinet handles tend to be amongst some of the last fittings you add to your space.

However, it’s usually a good idea to plan your kitchen handle ideas well in advance. It will help avoid costly disappointments when the time comes to begin your new kitchen project.

Planning your kitchen handle ideas

The right kitchen cabinet handles will enhance your space, flattering the style of cabinets you have chosen to perfection. However, it’s not always easy to choose between all the different kitchen handle ideas out there.

Considering your style

Your style will dictate your ultimate choice. Fans of contemporary interiors will love sleek designs, with clean lines and sharp detailing. You may even prefer to choose a seamless approach with handleless kitchen cabinets to create a truly exquisite finish.

Traditionalists may prefer a more classic approach to their kitchen handle ideas. Timeless designs, luxurious materials and tried-and-tested detailing may work best for you.

Whatever your style, it’s a good idea to think about your aesthetics before you buy your kitchen cabinet handles. If you can, visit a showroom and bring along a few samples with you. That way, you can test out your look before you decide.

Choosing the right materials

The style of your kitchen cabinet handles is not the only consideration. The material you select will also have an impact on the overall look and feel of your space. There is a range of different options available to you, some of which include:

  • Metals, like chrome, brass or brushed steel
  • Woods, including painted and natural finish
  • Plastic, like coloured or resin designs
  • Ceramics, like porcelain

Some materials work better with particular worktops and cabinets than others. For example, high gloss cabinets and worktops are usually best suited to gleaming metal handles. On the other hand, traditional wooden kitchens work well with ceramic or natural handles.

Thinking about size placement

Choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware isn’t all about individual aesthetics either. The size and placement of your chosen style will also impact on the look and feel of your space. We suggest ordering a range of samples to get an accurate measure of the size of your handles. If you can, take them into the showroom to test how they look with your cabinets, cupboards and drawers.

It may also be worth asking your kitchen installer to wait until the very end before installing your handles. That way, you can experiment with the placement to get it just right.

Do you need to make accessibility adjustments?

Accessibility is another important consideration when choosing your kitchen cabinets. Some styles are much trickier to use than others, particularly if you or your family members have difficulty gripping. Avoid small knobs, fiddly detailing and small hand gaps if this is a concern.

The different types of cabinet handle

Bar handle

Popular in kitchens across the world, bar kitchen handles are the perfect choice for both minimalist and traditional spaces. Streamlined, easy to use and effortlessly elegant, bar handles are ideal for those that want to mix practicality with aesthetics expertly. There is a wide range of bar styles available. For something ornate, choose a wrought iron design with antique detailing. Or, pick a sleek chrome style to keep your contemporary kitchen seamless and straightforward. Whatever your preferences, bar kitchen handles look exquisite in every space. Within the bar handle category, there are multiple options to choose from too. For an even more traditional look, you may want to pick a drop-bar handle that sits flush against the surface of your cupboards and drawers. These often combine metals with porcelain or ornate detailing to create a timelessly elegant effect.

Knob handle

Knobs continue to be popular in both contemporary and traditional kitchens, although they tend to be particularly well-suited to classic designs. Kitchen cabinet knobs are ideal for those that like to experiment with their style too, as they are easy to replace in the future. We suggest choosing a rustic wooden knob for a farmhouse kitchen or an ornate glass design to add glamour to a traditional space. You could even pick a porcelain style with a painted pattern to bring colour into your details and finishings. If you would like to compliment a contemporary kitchen, choose a glossy metal knob in stainless steel or brass.

Bow handle

Bow kitchen handles are the perfect choice for both contemporary and traditional kitchens. Their curved, slimline design adds gentle elegance to your space, creating a rounded appeal that softens your look. We suggest choosing a bold metal, like copper or brass, to keep this timeless handle style on-trend. Pair with glossy contemporary cabinets for a modern aesthetic or keep it classic with a Shaker design.

Cup Handle

Cup kitchen handles are the perfect choice for traditional kitchens. Pair yours with Shaker-style cabinets for timeless elegance. Cup handles usually look best in a metal material. Antique-effect brass is particularly popular, as well as vintage pewter. For industrial-inspired kitchens, consider choosing a copper or mixed metal design to add a touch of traditional flair to your edgy décor.


For those that want something entirely different, handleless cabinets could be the right approach. With push-to-open technology, handleless cabinets allow for a completely streamlined look. These types of cabinets are ideally suited to the modern aesthetic, and work well with a glossy finish.

Mixing and matching

There’s no need to limit yourself to one handle or knob style across your kitchen space. Many designers like to combine horizontal handles on cabinets with knobs on drawers, or vice versa. You may even want to experiment with mixed materials, colours and patterns to create something unique.

Choosing your kitchen cabinet handles from Magnet

Adding the finishing touches to your kitchen is an exciting moment. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of traditional kitchens or prefer the sleek minimalism of contemporary design, we know you’ll love putting together your kitchen handle ideas. If you need some inspiration, try our innovative kitchen design tool to envisage your space. Test out your colour palette, cabinets, accessories and handles until you create your dream kitchen down to the very last detail. Or, if you’re ready to start the process, contact our design experts today to get a guide price. We’ll be delighted to help you begin your new project.