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Kitchen Hoods – A Complete Buying Guide

While preparing delicious meals is the primary function of your space, you are likely to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, doing a lot of different activities.

From chatting with friends over coffee to helping the children with homework after dinner, kitchens are multifunctional spaces. While preparing delicious meals is the primary function of your space, you are likely to spend a lot of time in your kitchen, doing a lot of different activities. It’s easy to see why it’s so often referred to as the heart of the home.

With multifunctionality comes additional complexity. When space is used for a variety of purposes, there can be times when the results don’t integrate well. For example, the odours of a carefully prepared lunch can clash with an impromptu afternoon baking session. Equally, you may not want aromas or residue lingering long after dinnertime.

This is where cooker hoods come into their own. They’re designed to remove the odours, moisture and steam generated from cooking, making these essential items the perfect companion for every cooking system.

There are a wide variety of extractor fans and cooker hoods to choose from, and some are better suited to certain systems or kitchen designs. This guide is created to help inspire your design choice and assist in choosing your perfect match.


Choosing your venting type

There are two main extractor fan types and each function slightly differently. Which one you choose is dependent on the layout of your kitchen space, as well as your culinary requirements.


When it comes to choosing cooker hoods, extractor fans remain popular. This is primarily due to efficiency. They work by removing odours, steam and smoke from your space, filtering the air before extracting it outside. It’s important to remember that this venting type typically needs to be mounted to an external wall (or where a ventilation hose can be connected to the outside).


If it is not possible to choose an extraction venting cooker hood, a recirculation extractor fan is another good option. These innovative appliances use filtration technology to clean the air before distributing it back into your kitchen space. They do this by utilising the cleansing properties of charcoal, which is why they are often known as carbon cooker hoods. The key benefit to this type of extractor fan is that it can be fitted anywhere in your kitchen, without the need for external connection.

Consinderng the extraction rate

The extraction rate is another important consideration when choosing a cooker hood. To effectively remove odours, steam or smoke from your space, your appliance should be able to extract or clean the air at a rate of 12 times per hour.

The extraction rate required for your kitchen depends on its size.

To determine the rate of extraction needed, you will need to measure the height, width and depth of your space. Multiply all three numbers together to get the volume of your kitchen. Once you have the volume figure, multiply that number by 10. The outcome will be the rate of extraction needed for your space.

Be sure to check the rate of extraction on your chosen model before you purchase. This will help to ensure it works effectively for your requirements.


Choosing your hood type

As well as extraction rate and vent type, there are a variety of different hood styles available. Whether you have a traditional kitchen or a contemporary space, there are plenty of design choices available to suit every aesthetic choice. It is worth bearing in mind that the type of hood you choose can have an impact on functionality too, but think about style as well as substance when making your selection. There’s no need for your cooker hood to detract from your overall kitchen décor. Both modern kitchens and classic spaces can be enhanced by a well-designed extractor fan. In fact, your cooker hood could become a striking feature.

Wall-mounted hoods

As the name suggests, wall-mounted hoods are fixed to the wall above your kitchen hob. They come in a vast array of styles, finishes and shapes, so you can choose the perfect match for your kitchen aesthetic. They’re made to be visible, allowing you to get creative with your cooker hood design.

Vertical wall hoods

Similar to wall-mounted hoods, vertical hoods marry effective functionality with exquisite design. Angled to create a beautiful design feature, these are a premium choice for those looking for a distinctive look and powerful extraction technology.

Island cooker hoods

If your hob and oven are located on your kitchen island, you have the opportunity to create something truly special with your cooker hood. Free hanging directly above your kitchen space, you may wish to choose unusual design features or finishes to create a striking look.


If you prefer the sleek style of minimalism, you may prefer to incorporate a discreet cooker hood in your space. These often function just as well as visible extractor fans and have the added benefit of seamless design.

Classic extractors

Classic cooker hoods offer a basic design, which can be hidden beneath your kitchen cupboards or simply mounted on a wall. It’s worth bearing in mind that these extractor fans can lack power and are typically less discreet than other choices.

Pull-out hoods

Pull-out or telescopic cooker hoods are a stylish option. They can be semi-integrated to your existing cupboards or units and are virtually invisible when not in use.

Canopy cooker hoods

Typically built into your cupboard units, canopy hoods offer a seamless way to incorporate an extractor fan into your kitchen. Invisible when not in use, canopy cooker hoods are the premium choice for those looking for discreet style.

Downdraft extractors

A popular island cooker hood choice, downdraft extractors are another discreet option. When integrated into your island unit, these extractors are completely hidden when not in use.
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Considering cleaning and maintenance

All extractor fans need cleaning and maintenance from time to time, although some are more convenient than others in this department. Before you invest in your new cooker hood, it’s worth thinking about the following:


The material of your extractor fan will impact how well it cleans. Black cooker hoods, for example, can look exquisite. However, they can show grease or residue stains more than others. Equally, glass cooker hoods look sleek and stylish, but they may require more regular cleaning to remove fingerprints or cooking residue.


As well as complementing your aesthetics, the design of your cooker hood can impact on how easy it is to clean. It’s usually best to choose a sleek model without too many corners or crevices. Grease and residue tend to gather in these areas and can be more difficult to clean.

Filter accessibility

Carbon cooker hoods need their charcoal filters changed regularly to ensure optimum performance. However, extractor systems also need their filters cleaned regularly to retain effective extraction. With this in mind, consider the accessibility of your chosen model’s filters before you purchase to help to prevent any cleaning difficulties in the future.

Choosing the size of your cooker hood

When choosing the size of your cooker hood, it’s usually best to match your chosen model to the size of your kitchen hob. This will create balance in your overall kitchen design, as well as ensure that your extractor performs as effectively as possible. For example, if you have a 70cm hob, choose a 70cm cooker hood.

There are plenty of extractor fans on the market, so you should find plenty to choose from in the size and design you want. Whether you’re looking for 60cm cooker hoods, 90cm cooker hoods or 100cm cooker hoods for large cooking systems, you’re sure to find the perfect match for both the size of your hob and your kitchen style.

Add a breath of fresh air to your kitchen space with an exquisite cooker hood. Whether you love to get creative in the kitchen or simply want to prevent odours from invading your space, there are a wide variety of cooker hoods to choose from. The best extractor systems are designed to function effectively and enhance your kitchen design, creating a style statement that compliments your kitchen and your lifestyle requirements.

Choose from striking designs or minimalist models to find your perfect match. Feel inspired? Discover the stunning range of extractor hoods at Magnet.