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Innovations that push boundaries in your kitchen

Make oven cleaning effortless

Nobody likes cleaning their oven, our energy-efficient Pyrolytic ovens are not only extremely efficient when cooking but also cleaning. 

The pyrolytic cycle cleans the oven thoroughly heating up to 500°C. At this temperature, all the food residue turns to ash, with no unpleasant odours or chemical cleaning agents. Simply wipe out the oven with a damp cloth. Fully Automatic cleaning at the touch of a button.

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Welcome to the smart kitchen

Experience intelligent solutions

Get the most out of your experience by connecting your AEG appliances. Our smart products make your everyday tasks both easier and more convenient. You are able to adapt your appliances with your personal preferences via remote monitoring and control.

Top features

Our WiFi-connected oven features an internal CookView® camera located in the handle with a clear view into the oven cavity. It’s wirelessly linked to the My AEG Kitchen App and allows you to receive images of your food being cooked that you are able to see wherever you are.

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The technology recognises your favourite dishes, letting you achieve the same perfect result every time – for truly effortless cooking. And for added ease, save your favourite dishes in the preferred cooking settings for reliable results.

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Your AEG WiFi-connected oven works closely with connected devices such as the Google Home Mini to really help you excel in the kitchen. Google Assistant allows you to control your oven with your voice, so if your hands are covered in flour but you want to turn the oven down, just ask it to do so. 

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To ensure peace of mind whilst owning an AEG appliance download the My AEG Kitchen App. Within the App, you’ll find user-friendly guides, help to set up your connected oven and the ability to register your product guarantee with ease. 

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Ecotechnology solutions

At AEG, sustainability is always on our minds. We have the opportunity to help people make choices that allow them to live life in more sustainable ways and we continue to produce products and services which help shape living for the better for millions of people around the world.

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