White kitchens

White kitchens are both beautiful blank slates and sleek minimalist spaces. They offer an indisputably versatile palette to work with, being uniquely suited to an enormous range of kitchen worktops and appliances.

Combine your gloss white kitchen cabinets with a heavy timber kitchen worktop or a bright graphite worksurface. Or, pair a matt white kitchen with angular laminate end panels or curving granite worktops.

Patterned kitchen floor tiles, oak kitchen doors or ultra-modern fridge freezers can all be made to work with one of our striking white kitchens and a little bit of vision.

Dunham white

Dunham white

Tatton white

Tatton White

Nova White New Imagery

Nova White

Luna Matt White

Luna matt white

Luna White - Industrial

Luna White

Studio White

Studio White

fusion white

Fusion White

Fusion White - Main.jpg

Integra Fusion White

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