Smart kitchen storage solutions

Discover Innovations Plus: a series of unique products that demonstrate our design expertise and philosophy in one. No gadgets, gimmicks or novelties just a series of well thought-out, genuine innovations that bring real value to your kitchen and more ease, efficiency, and freedom to the way you use it.

Cabinet Storage

Seamlessly hidden behind stylish cabinet doors, our in-cabinet storage can be tailored to your needs to create the utmost functionality and make the most of every inch of your space. Choose from pull-out pantries, built-in larders and innovative storage for everything but the kitchen sink.

Drawer Storage

Neatly bringing your most-used smaller items to the forefront of your kitchen interiors, our drawer storage solutions allow for quick and easy access, flawless organisation and uncluttered space – meaning you’re free to cook, host and dine without hassle.

Bins & Recycling

Staying eco-friendly in the kitchen needn’t be a chore. With pull-out bins that include organised recycling, handy collector compartments and slimline door-hung bins, cleaning up has never been so simple – saving you time and effort.

Shelving & Worktops

Creating storage space you never knew could exist, our sleek shelving and worktop storage solutions can make even the most compact kitchen feel streamlined and efficient without sacrificing style. Pull-down open shelving and hidden plinth storage are just the tip of the culinary iceberg.

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