How much value can a kitchen add to your property?

A kitchen is arguably the most essential room in a house, so could the layout or design of a kitchen have an impact on the value of a property or influence how much we're willing to pay for it?

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We surveyed 2,000 UK homeowners and prospective buyers and worked with industry experts to reveal how much a kitchen can impact what buyers are willing to pay for a property, and to uncover the true value of a kitchen.

How much can a refurbished kitchen boost the value of a property?

Home improvements that enhance the charm and functionality of a property could help your home to sell faster, and a new kitchen is a room that buyers tend to focus on when looking around a property.

More than half of buyers say they’d offer more on a house if the kitchen had very recently been refurbished. We discovered that, on average, they would offer an additional £4,486.

Angela Wallace, Divisional Sales Director from estate agents Purplebricks, says: “When properties are valued, the age and condition of the kitchen as well as the branded appliances (or lack of) are taken into account when pricing. There could be a £20k difference in the value of a home depending on the state of the kitchen.”

Our survey revealed that on a city level, people in Liverpool would pay the most for a property if the kitchen was recently modernised, followed by London and Brighton.

Which layout would the UK pay more for?

Buying a house is likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make in your life, so it’s important to be selective when looking at the layout of properties.

Different factors such as the size of your family, your budget, the size of the property and even your lifestyle could influence your ideal layout.

Our survey revealed that 29% of people would pay more for a property if the house had a separate kitchen, dining room and lounge.

This compares to only 14% of people who would pay more for an open-plan kitchen, dining room and lounge.

There’s a definite gender divide when it comes to open plan vs separates, with women more likely to consider paying more for a separate kitchen, dining room and lounge, and men more likely to pay more for an open-plan layout.

Which kitchen characteristics add the most value to a house?

Functionality and design are two of the main factors that impact how much more a new buyer might be willing to pay.

Certain kitchen fittings, features and appliances could increase the value of a property, and Angela agrees: “Putting in a neutral, innovative kitchen with appliances with recognised brand names can increase interest and motivate buyers to offer up to £10k more for a property”.

Our research discovered that space is the top kitchen characteristic that people would pay more for when buying a property.

On average, the UK would offer an extra £2,112 to have a big space for a big kitchen with extra storage and room for socialising.

Buyers want plenty of storage – they want to see where they can keep the washing machine, all of their pots and pans and so on. A property with plenty of storage can increase attractive of a home and therefore can attract higher offers.” – Angela, Purplebricks.

Whilst a separate kitchen, dining room and lounge is the most desired layout, the second most sought after characteristic is an open-plan kitchen, with people willing to offer an extra £1,777 for an open space.

When comparing this by city, Londoners would offer the most more (£2,308), while people living in Southampton would offer the least extra (£933).

Having a functional and efficient kitchen came in at 3rd place, with people willing to offer an extra £1,721. When it comes to colours, neutral hues are more desirable than brighter tones.

The UK’s dream kitchen

L-shaped, U-shaped, open plan, or with an island, regardless of your ideal kitchen layout, the main purpose of this space is to help you enjoy the time you spend cooking and socialising with your family or guests.

That’s why having a beautiful yet functional kitchen is the dream for many. Our research discovered that the UK would offer £4,030 more on a property if it had a kitchen that they loved.

People in Bristol and Liverpool would offer the most extra for their dream kitchen. While people in Manchester, Sheffield and Norwich would be the least likely to pay more.

There are plenty of kitchen upgrade solutions that could help you to sell your property. We have a range of kitchen fittings designed to offer you stylish solutions to make the most of your kitchen space.

For more kitchen inspiration, check out the Magnet blog, or for kitchen design ideas, take a look at our kitchen planner tool.


Nationally representative survey of 2,000 respondents aged 16+ in GB in November 2020. The survey was conducted from a random sample of UK adults by Censuswide.