How to maintain kitchen worktops

Aftercare hacks to keep your worktops looking good as new

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After you’ve spent time carefully planning out your new kitchen, nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to sit back and look at the gleaming finished product once it’s fully installed.

This sense of pride makes it all the more upsetting if your brand new worktops become scraped or stained under the everyday pressures of the kitchen. Thankfully though, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent common kitchen accidents from causing lasting damage.

So to keep your worktops looking good as new for longer, just follow the simple cleaning and aftercare tips we’ve compiled below for the five most common worktop matierals.

Laminate Worktops

Though laminate is a hard, durable material, it is possible to scratch the surface, detracting from the smooth finish of your worktops, so always use a chopping board and never cut directly onto the surface. Similarly, while laminate worktops will resist the temperature of boiling water and hot cooking splashes, to avoid damage you should never place hot saucespans or oven dishes directly onto the surface. You’ll find laminate is one of the simplest materials to clean in case of spillages – just wipe clean with a soft cloth and mild solution of liquid detergent and water, then dry with a cloth towel.

Wood Worktops

As wood is a porous material, oiling your worktops regularly is the best way to prevent splashes from potentially causing discolouration, warping or cracking. Try the ‘drop test’ to check if your worktops are sufficiently oiled: if a water drop beads on the surface of the worktop without soaking in, then the wood is well protected. Even so, you should always try to wipe up spills quickly to preserve the subtle beauty of the woodgrain. Finally, each wood has its own character, so always refer to the specific after-care instructions that are supplied with your Magnet wooden worktop.

Quartz and Corian Worktops

Quartz and Corian are composite worktops, meaning several materials have been combined together to create a sleek, durable surface that’s sealed to prevent staining. So if you’ve opted for this low maintenance material, all you need to do to keep surfaces in pristine condition is wipe clean with a cloth, water and mild detergent. As with wood, you should also make sure to pay attention to the specific after-care details provided with your Magnet Quartz or Corian worktop, since each material is different.

Granite Worktops

Like wood, Granite is porous enough to soak up water if not propertly treated, meaning it needs to be sealed at least once every five years to stay at its best. Once sealed though, Granite is usually tough enough to stand up to everything a kitchen could throw at it, including spills, scratches and heat.