10 Kitchen Gadgets you need in your life

A tech-lover’s guide to the perfect kitchen

CAPLE WI6226 60CM Wine Cooler

If you’re the type of person who always has to have the latest technology in all areas of your life, from smartphones to cinema-quality home-entertainment systems, then why should the kitchen be any different?

There are a huge variety of technological advancements available to make life in the kitchen that little bit more convenient, so we’ve narrowed down the selection to create our ultimate list of the ten kitchen gadgets you need in your life right now.

Sound Bar

Music lovers listen up. The Sound Bar is a sleek speaker system that’s seamlessly built into your kitchen cabinets to free up valuable worktop space. With inbuilt Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone or laptop, your favourite track is always just a touch of a button away.

The Insinkerator

The Insinkerator is a top-of-the-range food waste disposal system built into your kitchen sink. Simply drop food waste into the plug hole and the Insinkerator’s powerful stainless steel grinding chamber will blend it down and wash it away.

The Cabinet Plus

How many unused spices, tins and food packets are there in the space at the back of your cupboards that’s impossible to reach without removing every item? The Cabinet Plus instantly fixes this age-old problem through a motorised storage section that descends from the back of your cabinets.

The Comfort-Lift Dishwasher

AEG’s pioneering comfort-lift dishwasher features a bottom shelf that slides outwards and upwards to a convenient working height, so you no longer have to stoop down to lift heavy stacks of crockery when unloading the dishwasher.

Sensor-Activated Lights

Improve your environmental footprint with sensor-activated lighting that recognises movement and automatically turns on your kitchen lights when you need them, so you’ll never leave the lights on in an empty room ever again.

Wine Chiller

Know your Sancerre from your Sauvignon Blanc? Then a built-in wine chiller is the ideal accessory for your bottle collection, ensuring you’ll be the toast of every dinner party.

Chandelier Extractor

Why should the extractor hood above your hob be all substance and no style? The Elica Star Island Hood is cleverly designed to resemble a crystal pendant light, turning a part of the kitchen that used to be purely functional into a glittering style statement.

Extendable Tap

How often do you find yourself not being able to reach tricky spots when washing up, or splashing water everywhere when trying to lift heavy mop buckets after filling them at the tap? Put an end to this irritating everyday struggle with extendable taps like the Marlin pull-out spray tap.

Water Cooler Fridge

Make that goal to drink more water a little easier to meet with a SMEG fridge complete with inbuilt water-cooler and ice-maker. Perfect for the long summer days ahead!

Inbuilt Coffee Machine

Make Monday morning your favourite time of the week with a sleek Electrolux Coffee Machine built right into your kitchen cabinets, complete with seven different coffee functions.