Benefits Of Open Plan Living

Integrate Your Kitchen, Dining And Living Space

Newbury White

Open plan living can be hugely beneficial in your home. It can improve the overall appearance of your kitchen living room and dining room, increases lighting opportunities and aids in communal living and bringing the family together.

As an alternative to traditional interior design, open plan living can create an easy and beautiful flow right from your front to back door. The lack of walls creates a more comfortable space that is clear and spacious where light can reach every corner of the room and brighten up your house and life.

A constant worry in many families is the lack of communication and intrusion of TV screens and mobile phones. But with an open plan living space whether someone is cooking by the oven, chopping vegetables on the worktops or sat at the dining table, open plan living encourages interaction between family members.

A combined kitchen, living and dining area looks truly stunning and provides a modern and cutting edge kitchen style. Newbury White, one of Magnet’s newest kitchen styles, provides a light and airy open plan living area plus a feature-packed design with top class Innovation products.

If a bright and airy atmosphere is top of your wish list, go one step further and place sky lights in your kitchen roof to receive as much natural light as possible.

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