Half price kitchen units when you buy five or more

At Magnet, you can save 50% off kitchen units when you buy five or more because every fully built kitchen unit is made-to-order specifically for you.

Put simply, we like it when you order more than 5 kitchen units as it makes the manufacturing more cost effective and means we can pass the savings on to you with Multibuy offers like this. So, you get your kitchen, for a more affordable price, and we get to maintain our economies of scale. That’s all there is to it. Find an example of how this offer works below...

A Multi-Buy Example

4 Unit Example List price Multi-Buy Price
F100 £379.00 N/A
F3D60 £583.00 N/A
W50 £165.00 N/A
W100 £265.00 N/A
Total £1,392.00
8 Unit Price List Multi-buy price
L50 £332.00 £166.00
F50 £226.00 £113.00
HBU60 £120.00 £60.00
F3D60 £583.00 £291.50
F100 £379.00 £189.50
W100 £265.00 £132.50
W50 £165.00 £82.50
W50 £165.00 £82.50
Total 2,235.00 £1,117.50